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Page updated 9.6.2020


Tangible products to support didactive activities using work based learning methodologies: eManual, eKit, digital leaning space and app generator.

Tailored inclusive production based learning model to support SEN learners.

The project HANDSON intends to develop innovative didactic approaches to support learners with special educational needs (SEN) to complete VET cycles and transit into the labour market.

The project will embed the Danish philosophy of production schools, currently well established in many European countries (e.g. Germany, France, Austria). Through the last three decades the schools of production in Denmark have offered a different type of education compared to the rest of the educational system. The centre of every school is the workshop, boosting both vocational and soft skills.

Experience shows that the young learn through practical work co-operating with a teacher/trainer. In this way learning arises from the shared practise, where learners learn from each other. As they learn they are taught to learn. Key aspects are the stabilisation of disadvantaged learners in their educational project as well as their preparation for their entry into the labour market. At the core of the educational concept is learning by producing - that is, knowledge and skills are conveyed especially by working in concrete areas of production.