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Page updated 6.10.2017

NÄKYMÄTTÖMÄT – Digital Stories by Youths

The aim of the Näkymättömät project is to develop a model of operations to include youths at risk of exclusion and support their abilities to function in the digitalizing society.

The project looks for a national way of working between public libraries, youth work and educational organizations to reinforce the identity and view of the future of the youths. In particular, the practice supports the role of public libraries as spaces which encourage and inspire youths for participation. A model of operations which utilises different means of expression will be disseminated nationally and it aims to promote the ability of youths to find their way to working life and studies.

More information on the project website (in Finnish)

The implementing partners of the project develop a model of operations in their own area in cooperation with the everyday life of youth and library work. The vast area of operations aims to reinforce the model and its multidisciplinarity, but also to promote national cooperation between different sectors.

The project is divided in the following work packages:

Wp 1. Mappings: cooperation networks and training needs of libraries

Wp 2. Multimedia methods of expression at youth workshops

Wp. 3. Digital tools and abilities

Wp. 4. Encountering youths and workshop methods

Wp. 5. Development and evaluation of the TOIVO model of operations

Wp 6. Project management, coordination and communications