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Page updated 19.6.2023
ADMO, 5G-Advanced for Digitalization of Maritime Operations

ADMO, 5G-Advanced for Digitalization of Maritime Operations

ADMO’s goal is to support the digitalization of shipping with improved connectivity for maritime environment. The project focuses on the utilization of mobile networks both in ship external and ship internal scenarios. 
ADMO will develop a roadmap for deployment of 5G-Advanced as a part of a hybrid connectivity system for the maritime environment. The roadmap will give a description on how the connectivity of the ships should be implemented to meet the requirements for digitalized maritime operations and give a comprehensive deployment plan and overview on the future connectivity systems utilizing 5G-Advanced in maritime environment. 
The international advisory board and international organizations  serve as platforms for international cooperation, benchmarking, exchange of information, and influencing international activities. 
Planned activities:

  • Evaluation of current mobile network coverage and quality of service in maritime environment.
  • Evaluation of ship internal wireless communication system performance.
  • Remote operation of the test vessel using mobile networks and satellites.
  • Trialing 5G sidelink for ship-to-ship communications.
  • International benchmarking visits and researcher mobility are being planned to Europe, the USA, and Singapore.
  • Participation in international cooperation networks and ecosystems such as Waterborne TP, Smart Ships Coalition and hosting ASTM Committee F41 on Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Systems (UMVS) meeting at TUAS