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Page updated 18.10.2021
4K – Comprehensive and Sustainable CyberSecurity

4K – Comprehensive and Sustainable CyberSecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital products and services. At the same time, cybersecurity challenges have increased and disruptions to cybersecurity have become more common and more professional. Comprehensive and Sustainable CyberSecurity (4K) project aims to tackle these challenges by developing cybersecurity expertise for the SME sector.

The main objective of 4K is to develop cybersecurity capabilities and skills of Finnish SMEs. The sub-objectives are drawn from the 4K work packages:

  1. Target companies shall be able to plan and implement contingency measures and based on them, identify cybersecurity service needs.
  2. The Cyber Test Lab testing environment at Turku University of Applied Sciences is developed to serve larger operational environments, such as factories. At the same time, the automation level of testing services will be increased, which will enable the services to be available to a wider range of companies.
  3. The opportunities for SMEs to take advantage of cybersecurity monitoring services will be increased through open data.
  4. The development of corporate cybersecurity is more holistically linked to the principles of sustainable development.

The 4K project implements a wide range of cyber security preparedness assessments, testing and surveillance services. The policy change to be achieved in the project is the transition of SMEs from mere preparedness for cyber deviations to holistic cybersecurity thinking, which will increase the competitiveness of companies in the market and improve their chances of surviving cyberattacks.

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