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Page updated 10.9.2021
OSKE – Path for immigrants’ competence development for Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus 2

OSKE – Path for immigrants’ competence development for Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus 2

In the project, guidance is developed for the customers of Maahanmuuttajien osaamiskeskus , which operates in Turku. The guidance process is developed in cooperation with the City of Turku and different educational institutions. 

The project’s actions are divided into three work entities:

  1. Developing the guidance process for upper secondary vocational education  
  2. An entity of language- and coaching-oriented support
  3. Development of a guidance process for higher education 

Turku UAS is responsible for developing the guidance process for higher education and supports the advancement of the Osaamiskeskus customers to higher education studies.

The customers are provided with 

  • guidance on different types of education organized at Turku University of Applied Sciences and their application and admission processes
  • competence mappings, which aim at recognizing previously acquired competence
  • guidance in the recognition and qualification process of a possible previously completed degree
  • the opportunity to get to know the Higher education preparatory program for immigrants and visit the courses arranged within the program
  • the opportunity to get to know the learning and teaching methods according to innovation pedagogy, by participating in project work together with higher education students
  • the opportunity to get support from a mentor who is studying or has studied at a higher education institutionguidance and advice related to the Finnish language (e.g., language skill requirements, language certificates and language studies)
  • support for higher education studies in the Finnish language

As a result of the project, recognizing the competence of immigrants becomes easier and moving to education and working life quicker. The guidance process being developed can be applied also in other cities and educational institutions.