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Page updated 13.9.2023
Artisan’s Journey

Artisan’s Journey

The Artisan´s Journey project takes experts from arts and crafts to the world of tourism. Tourism is in shortage of labour and talent, whilst growing both internationally and nationally. 
The project produces a set of competence criteria aimed at improving the labor market position of the participants and facilitates their transition to tourism sector jobs. The key activities are the recognition of prior non-formal and informal learning, and upskilling and reskilling of competences. These take place through the ”Knowledge Certificate” and “Live CV” operating models produced in the project. 

The aim is to provide prospects of working as a professional for those people who already have suitable skills but whose training does not allow them to change careers and/or move forward in their careers. The following industries have been selected for the project: 
•    Arts, design, and culture 
•    Tourism, restaurant and leisure services, event industry
•    Deliveries sector (food couriers), gardening

The project's guidance and training services are aimed especially at young people without a post-comprehensive level degree and persons with an immigrant background who lack a degree completed in Finland.