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Page updated 11.2.2022
UUTTERA – New business from energy communities

UUTTERA – New business from energy communities

The project will create a regional network of thermal energy companies and a collaborative model for the large-scale acceleration of energy community activities and energy measures of housing companies. A network of expertise in thermal energy storage will be established in the region and the network will establish links with similar international actors. Network operators will outline a road map in the energy breach and the transition to sector integration. In order to boost energy efficiency heir and heating paremonts in house communities, counselling will be stepped up.

Measures of the project include: 

  1. the compilation of a knowledge network of thermal energy enterprises; 
  2. establishing the needs of education and development in the field; 
  3. intensification of company-higher education cooperation; 
  4. national and international networking and benchmarking, 
  5. mapping the needs and bottom data of housing companies;
  6. communication and means of inclusion for housing companies, and
  7. the creation of a regional cooperation model to promote energy community activities.

The immediate target groups of the project include the Finnish housing companies and their governments, companies providing hosting, thermal and geoenergy solutions, generating electrical energy and companies producing and selling digital energy management solutions and sensor technology. Indirect focus groups include municipalities and cities, construction companies and school institutions providing training and courses in the construction sector and energy sector.

The project will create a thermal energy network of more than 30 organizations to support the development of the thermal energy sector and positively affect the achievement of climate targets and the emergence of new business. At the same time, cooperation between operators in the residential real estate field is intensified and the potential of the housing company field as customers of companies and adopters of new innovative solutions is growing. The project will create a collaborative model in Southwest Finland to enhance energy community activities and enhance the energy efficiency and heating process of housing companies.