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Page updated 9.6.2020
Good, Better, Productive! (PATU)

Good, Better, Productive! (PATU)

Good, Better, Productive! project (in Finnish Hyvä, parempi, tuottava!) supports SMEs in increasing productivity by improving wellbeing at work. Nowadays workplaces are facing many changes, which is especially challenging for employees who are getting closer to the retirement age. For example, employees are expected to adapt to new ways and rhythm of work and to continuously update their skills.

During the workday, it is often difficult for the entrepreneur to find time to think about new ways to design the work and support the wellbeing of the employees. However, these are important tasks as they are ways to prolong careers and spread tacit knowledge in the workplace.

In Good, Better, Productive! the wellbeing of participating employees will be measured and developed by tools tailored to meet the needs of the SMEs. The project will be carried out as follows:

  • The stress and recovery levels of the employees are measured with the First Beat Analysis.
  • Each participating SME will gain a tailored service package including workshops for both the employees and the entrepreneur.
  • The employees will gain new skills in coping with changes, strengthening their resources and improving communication at the workplace.
  • The entrepreneur will get tools to support employees who are getting closer to retirement age. The workshops also provide the entrepreneur new ideas on change management, flexibility of work and development discussions.
  • Lastly the effects of the project actions will be measured – what was the impact to the wellbeing at work in the participating SMEs.

Good, Better, Productive!  project will be carried out by Turku University of Applied Sciences, Brahea Centre at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University in Varsinais-Suomi area. The project has received regional ESF funding.