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Page updated 18.3.2016
EURANIM – Boosting Careers of Young Animation Artists with Video-Mapping

EURANIM – Boosting Careers of Young Animation Artists with Video-Mapping

The Euranim project focuses on structuring the European animation sector around innovative digital technologies. The Euranim partnership is composed of European universities of Art and Design from five different countries, and is coordinated by the association Rencontres Audiovisuelles in Lille (FR). Euranim brings together more than 60 associated partners from creative industries, public institutions and universities. The project will provide young animation artists with new digital skills - thanks to an ambitious programme of eight artistic residencies in five European countries focusing on teaching video mapping. This technique is still emerging and consists of projecting animated images onto physical volumes. It is usually used on facades of remarkable historical buildings in order to emphasize the patrimony.

Euranim will contribute to giving young artists’ careers and universities staff an international dimension via the organization of five international cultural events, where more than 45.000 visitors are expected. Eight showcasing events will disseminate the results of the project activities, and enable the building of sustainable network. They will demonstrate to the audiences the opportunities offered by animation and video mapping in terms of artistic creativity, commercial use and wider development of the society. Euranim will produce several evaluations of the sector in order to fully contribute to its development.

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