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Page updated 24.11.2022
Theatre in Palm – Theatre platform for supporting emerging artist cooperation and resilience

Theatre in Palm – Theatre platform for supporting emerging artist cooperation and resilience

Theatre in Palm project is a first ever Creative Europe platform project for theatre art. It brings together 12 partners from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create in an international and intercultural platform.  

Project objectives are to 

  • increase the visibility and the circulation of European emerging artists and works outside their own borders 
  • increase access to and participation in cultural events and activities, as well as audience engagement and development. 
  • support emerging artists and cultural performers to co-create, cooperate, and promote their work. 

Project members 

Turku UAS is coordinating this massive and intriguing project as a pioneer when it comes to coordinating a Creative Europe platform project in Finland. Other members of the consortium consist of different cultural and theatre organisations from 11 European countries; Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. The members are foundations, theatre companies, institutes, art and production centers etc.  

Project activity 

During the 3-year duration of the project the group will among other things 

  • create an European Theatre co-programming plan for emerging artists recovery and support 
  • organize 24 Digital Coffee talks to discuss topical common issues  
  • organize 24 emerging artist mobilities and 3 rounds of residencies for emerging artists with the participation 240 artists 
  • organize 72 European Theatre labs, two international 3-day Theatre Academies (in Portugal & Sweden) and two festivals (in Ireland and Cyprus) 
  • on the final year run a theatre roadshow.  

The project will also create a common communication strategy with extensive dissemination plan. As part of the dissemination the project will at the end of the project collect a digital repository of showcases.

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