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Page updated 17.4.2018

Vessedia – Verification Engineering of Safety and Security Critical Industrial Applications

VESSEDIA (Verification Engineering of Safety and Security Critical Industrial Applications) aims at enhancing safety and security of information and communication technology (ICT) and especially the Internet of Things (IoT). More precisely the aim of this project consists in making formal methods more accessible for application domains that want to improve the security and reliability of their software applications by means of formal methods.

The VESSEDIA consortium will tackle this challenge for example by:
• developing a methodology that allows one to adopt and use source code analysis tools efficiently 
• providing an enhanced toolbox (Frama-C) to enable easy and efficient use by developers
• demonstrating the new toolbox capabilities on typical IoT applications including an IoT Operating System (Contiki)
• developing a standardization plan for generalising the use of the toolbox to a wider set of applications
• contributing to the Common Criteria certification process
• defining a label “Verified in Europe” for validating software products with European technologies. 

The VESSEDIA consortium brings together a team of recognized partners in the fields of industry and research in combination with innovation-oriented SMEs and a certification expert. 

TUAS has a leading role in developing standardization plan that is globally applicable. The standardization also involves training and dissemination. TUAS is also analysing the economic rationale of the Vessedia outcomes.

Vessedia Newsletter Feb2018

Vessedia standardisation in Turku in November 2017
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