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Page updated 6.5.2024

JOBITTI - Flexible Paths Towards Working Life - Development of education cooperation in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors

The project develops biomedical education by building an efficient network of education cooperation between higher education institutions that provide education in the field and their international partners, as well as by increasing the commitment in the cooperation in biomedical sector companies.

 The key objectives are to develop the following:

1. Cooperation between the participating higher education institutions by combining the existing education so that it can be easily accessed by all students and professionals in the sector.

2. Education in the sector by developing new online courses on topics deemed to be important so that year-round studies are possible.

3. Cooperation with companies, which will lower the threshold of seeking work placement opportunities and accelerate finding employment.

 Biomedicine is a complex field of science that provides a knowledge basis concerning how the human body functions and on pathogenesis for many different professional fields. Due to the extensive transformation of the sector, education must also be able to meet the needs of new expertise profiles that may not yet have been identified.