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Page updated 23.10.2023
OPEKOI 2 – Teacher foresees

OPEKOI 2 – Teacher foresees

The aim of the OPEKOI – Teacher foresees  project is to increase teachers’ foresight and sustainability skills in continuing education 8 ETCS. The participants will receive tools for taking a future-oriented and sustainable way of life into account in the planning and pedagogical implementation of teaching as part of the continuous development of the educational institution. The education is carried out as an online implementation twice: in spring 2024 and 2025.

Contents of the education sections:

  1. methods of foresight competence and scenario work
  2. sustainable development and climate responsibility as foresight competence
  3. development of sustainability and foresight expertise in their own field of education.

Education responds to the need and the role of the education providers to build a sustainable vision through continuous learning. Foresight skills are essential working skills for teachers in order to develop the structures of society and working life. In OPEKOI 2, the target groups are the teaching and counselling staff of vocational education (2nd degree), staff of upper secondary general education and free educational work organizations.

As a results of the project:

  1. the foresight skills of the representatives of the target group develop and the participants receive concrete tools for planning and implementing future-oriented teaching
  2. the foresight and sustainability skills of teachers and counselling staff become part of the basic function of the educational establishment and
  3. a permanent model of co-operation and education is created between the implementers (Häme University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences).
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