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Page updated 25.10.2022
COACH – Intelligent Human Technology Co-agency in Process Control

COACH – Intelligent Human Technology Co-agency in Process Control

The motivating factor behind COACH project is by producing new knowledge on human technology co-agency in process control to keep the Finnish industry abreast and help our industry to be few steps ahead of international competition.
The project is research oriented but has a collaborative approach. In this research work, the project seeks to produce new understanding that creates a synthesis of the systemic transformations in the industry but also aids industrial partners in coping with their concrete problems and develops the general methodology in working with these problems.

Projects partners will work on 5 work packages:

  • Future concept of operations in process control/industrial processes
  • Designing human digital twins
  • Constructing industrial digital twins models
  • Synthesis for creating a new design process
  • Management, coordination and communication

Futuristic Interactive Technologies research group at Turku UAS is responsible for Constructing industrial digital twins models. The process will include the design and implementation of digital twin models in metaverse in various test-generate cycles where usability, user experience, and effectiveness of the designed and implemented solution will be studied.
The aim is to create a collaborative multi-user environment of the selected industrial setting/s for training and data collection purposes in close collaboration with the industry partners. Human digital twins will be visualized as avatars customized to fit the context and the research prototypes will utilize things like social communication, intelligent information processes and hands-on-training in virtual reality (VR) environments.