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Page updated 9.6.2020

CLIPPER – Creating a Leadership for Maritime Industries – New Opportunities in Europe

CLIPPER is a joint project of eight European marine technology clusters with the focus on expanding the competence and improving the competitiveness of marine technology businesses, regional and national political actions and future joint projects.

The project is divided into two stages. The first stage, the primary implementation (1.1.2017–30.6.2019), involves

  1. comparing the public political actions, operating principles and different public financing models of different marine technology clusters,
  2. searching for best regional practices and
  3. refining and improving these practices in the public support instruments in the future. 

The second stage of the project (1.7.2019–30.6.2021) involves

  1. supporting the implementation of new regional political actions in cooperation with public organisations,
  2. following the implementation and success of the actions especially from the viewpoint of the competitiveness, internationalisation, investments and competence development of SMEs, and
  3. assessing the success of the joint development processes of different regions.

The project deepens the cooperation between regional operators and enhances the internationalisation and RDI activities of marine technology and SMEs. The objective is to also enhance the influence and concrete activities of public funding instruments, structural funds in particular. A growing importance is also on joint private and public investments (Public to Public Partnership). The actions are directed to SMEs, public organisations and especially regional operators. The results of the project are utilized in EU level cooperation and projects (e.g. Blue Growth Strategy).