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Page updated 15.6.2023
SafeSea Test Platform

SafeSea Test Platform

In Southwest Finland, there is a huge amount of expertise in smart maritime safety solutions, but it is fragmented into many companies as well as several universities.

The project aims to activate potential export companies to utilize the synergies of the group of companies and the RDI know-how and infrastructures of universities in the development of internationalization capabilities. The SafeSea test platform created by the project is a reliable and credible way to verify the functionality of digital maritime safety solutions. The test platform supports SME companies developing digital maritime safety solutions in global competition.

The test platform consists of:

  1. cooperation,
  2. test area,
  3. agreements
  4. digital solutions
  5. test methods,
  6. international credibility.

The SafeSea test platform will enable SMEs in the region to increase their RDI investment and develop their products for the international market.