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Page updated 13.10.2020

SHEHAP - Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Secondary Schools

Sexual harassment and abuse, especially in social media, is a challenge to youth, schools and parents. Teachers and other professionals working in schools, as well as youth and their parents need more information on how to recognise sexual harassment in school environment and how to work for its prevention. 

The objectives of Sexual Harassment Prevention in Secondary Schools (SHEHAP) project are: 

  1. To improve the accuracy and to-the-point content of materials about sexual harassment prevention in schools by providing study-based information and analysis about the information needs of secondary school pupils, teachers and parents. 

  2. To improve the topicality and attractiveness of the educational materials about sexual harassment prevention by involving secondary school pupils in the development of up-to-date teaching and learning materials. 

  3. To decrease all forms of sexual harassment in schools by enhancing the ability of pupils, teachers and school staff to detect, prevent and intervene in sexual harassment. 

  4. To improve the skills and knowledge in sexual harassment prevention of teachers and different professional groups working in schools by equipping them with meaningful tools and useful guidelines. 

  5. To raise the awareness of parents about sexual harassment prevention and to provide them with instructions and tips about how to discuss sexual harassment with their children.   

SPEAK UP! Discussing sexual harassment

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