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Page updated 9.11.2021
PaaS Pilots – Product as a Service pilots

PaaS Pilots – Product as a Service pilots

The project PaaS Pilots – Product as a Service pilots aims to find out the features that make product as a service model attractive to customer and challenges concerning the implementation of such features. Product as a service model is one of the circular business models: instead of selling, the company leases the product for the customer, for example, in which case the customer is free from the responsibilities that come with the ownership, such as maintenance. 

This is studied on the basis of earlier produced data and two pilots realized in this project. In addition, the pilots serve as examples of how the service can be implemented in practice. 

The interesting aspects are, for example, importance of sustainability, affordability, easiness, proper product qualities and other values in connection with customer acceptance, and how they are taken into account in product and service design. The results will be shared openly mainly in English but there will also be a Finnish summary of the findings.