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Page updated 28.3.2023


What is it?

SEED (Sustainable Energy EDucation) is a CoVE (Centres of Vocational Excellence) program funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) are formed by networks of vocational education institutes, industry partners and other organizations to innovate the professional practice and provide high quality vocational skills to young people and adults. COVE SEED contributes to innovation of skills ecosystems on sustainable energy in fi ve European regions in The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Germany and Greece.


SEED contributes to our common need to move to a fossil-free energy society. The project identifi es how vocational education and training (VET) schools and their regions can work together to develop excellent vocational education in the field of sustainable energy. Excellent energy vocational education should prepare the workforce with future-proof skills to enable the energy transition, should increase the workforce for the energy sector and should contribute to the development of new systems, products and technologies.


SEED will learn by doing. We will identify which skills are necessary to realize a fossil free energy society and implement them in existing and new curricula. We will learn from good practices on teaching and learning, partnerships with industry and educational governance. Workshops and conferences will enable the participation of a wide variety of stakeholders (both partners and non-partners). The exchange within and between the regions will lead to the development of a sustainable international learning community.


SEED results in an international learning community on vocational excellence dedicated to sustainable energy. It will create an overview of what skills are necessary and how to educate them. The good practices will provide new knowledge on VET learning environments and regional and transnational learning. SEED provides a toolkit for learning environments how to incorporate skills and knowledge necessary for future energy challenges.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s EACEA.A - Erasmus+, EU Solidarity Corps. Grant agreement No 101056147