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Page updated 9.6.2020

SEASAC – South-East Asian Sales Competition

The project develops a South-East Asian Sales Competition concept, which consists of the International B2B Sales Course and South-East Asian Sales Competition Finals event. The concept objective is to raise the level of higher education institutions in Indonesia and Thailand to match the European standard so that they are able to educate skilled sales talents for the global market.

The Sales Competition concept differs from the traditional teacher-centred learning prevalent in South-East Asia by highlighting the active role of students. The intention is to expand the education in other areas of South-East Asia as well in the future.

There are still many universities in Europe and Asia that do not offer international B2B sales education. Understanding the cultural aspects of sales techniques is the key to successful international business operations. The project’s practical approach also opens up new opportunities for improving the effectiveness of sales education in Turku University of Applied Sciences.