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Page updated 7.2.2024
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Networks for a career in Finland – studies for highly educated immigrants | 35 cr

Read the information in Finnish.

The study programme enables highly educated immigrants to develop their skills without having to obtain a new degree. Additionally, the programme supports students in networking through career guidance and internship included in the training. Students receive both group and individual guidance on studying and work-related issues.

NOTE: The study programme is intended for people who already live in Finland. The study programme is not a basis for a residence permit in Finland.

Implementation of the study programme:

Some of the instruction is provided through face-to-face teaching at Turku UAS Kupittaa campus. The study programme also includes online learning and internship.

The studies can be completed flexibly in Finnish and/or English. Regardless of the language of instruction, the programme supports the learning of Finnish, which is crucial for integration and employment in Finland.

The study programme is built according to the student's individual study plan and consists of the following studies:

  • Introduction to higher education, 5 cr
  • Finnish language, 5–10 cr
  • Working life and career planning skills, 5 cr
  • Elective studies, 5–10 cr
  • Internship 10–15 cr 

If the student completes 35 ECTS credits of studies included in a specific degree programme during the study programme, they can apply as a degree student in the Open Studies separate application based on these studies. Studies completed in this study programme and other higher education studies completed elsewhere may be recognized as a part of the Finnish degree.

A person can be selected for the study programme if they have completed:

  • a foreign higher education degree or
  • at least 150 ECTS credits (approximately 2.5 years) of degree studies in a foreign higher education institution or
  • a higher education degree in a foreign language in Finland or
  • at least 150 ECTS credits of degree studies in a foreign language at a Finnish higher education institution.

Studying requires sufficient skills in Finnish or English. The skills in Finnish or English must be at least at the proficiency level B1. ( See the assessment grid for language skills. )

Extent and duration: 35 cr, 6–11 months

Starting date: 20.8.2024

Price: The programme is free of charge for those receiving temporary protection. For others, the cost of the programme is 420 €.

How to apply?

You can apply for the study programme by filling out the application form in the Studyinfo service between April 1 and May 31, 2024. Up to 25 eligible applicants will be accepted to the study programme in the order of registration, and the right to study will be valid until July 31, 2025.

Attach a photo or a scanned file of one of the following documents to the application form translated into English or Finnish by an authorized translator :

  • a degree certificate from a foreign higher education institution or 
  • a degree certificate in a foreign language from a Finnish higher education institution or
  • a transcript of records from a foreign higher education institution or 
  • a transcript of records of degree studies in a foreign language from a Finnish higher education institution.

Here you can find the list of authorised translators. Register of authorised translators | Finnish National Agency for Education (opintopolku.fi)