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Page updated 16.3.2020

Preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences wants to ensure the progress of its students’ studies effectively and safely despite of the spreading coronavirus. These pages contain our instructions related to the coronavirus. We update the instructions on a regular basis. More information aimed at students and staff takes place in our intranet Messi.

Current issues

In the autumn, we will work both remotely and on campus

Operation instructions, valid until the end of 2020

Based on the recommendations of the Finnish Government and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Turku University of Applied Sciences will move to a hybrid model of working from 14 August.  The work is always done remotely when it is possible in terms of teaching and other activities, without compromising the quality and result-orientation of the activities. Only the necessary teaching and related support activities and the necessary RDI and service activities are carried out on campus.

When it is necessary to come on campus, the prerequisite for safe on-campus operations is responsible cooperation.  It means that people come to the campuses only when they're completely healthy and that everyone takes care of good hand and coughing hygiene ( Safe distances are adhered to in all activities. Face masks are recommended in all our premises. 

The libraries, student office, EduCity Service centre and Servicedesk operate normally on the campuses and online.

Remote work and distance learning

Remote work and distance learning are recommed, should the duties allow this.

In terms of meetings, remote connections should be utilized in the first place, according to the MINEDU recommedations.

An oral agreement with the supervisor is sufficient for doing remote work. At the same time, the duties and rules of remote work agreed on.

The students, staff and stakeholders of Turku UAS are protected efficiently, and a safe study and work environment is enabled for everyone. To achieve this aim, each member of our higher education community is required to commit to our shared rules.

We monitor the development of the coronavirus situation daily. When necessary, the corona team will convene for updating the information on the situation, and is prepared to immediately take the necessary actions to ensure safe operations in all circumstances. The staff and students are informed of any possible changes when necessary.

Do not enter the campuses if you're ill or have symptoms

If you experience any symptoms, it is the duty of each member of the higher education community to immediately have a coronavirus test taken according to the instructions provided by health care professionals. 

Everyone feeling symptomatic or suspecting they have been exposed to the virus shall fill in an evaluation on their state of health on the website.

Hand and coughing hygiene

Each member of the UAS community is responsible for taking care of good hand hygiene for their part. Washing your hands carefully and often and using hand sanitizer are an important part of the everyday routine. Immediately after having arrived in campus premises, when moving from a room or classroom to another and at other necessary times, washing hands and using hand sanitizer must be taken care of.

Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing, and immediately put the used tissue in the rubbish bin. If you don't have a tissue with you, cough or sneeze in your sleeve or elbow, not in your hands. 

More information is available on the THL website.

Adequate safe distance in all activities

Remember to maintain an adequate safe distance when on campus. A recommendation for an adequate safe distance is 1 metre at minimum. Especially when spending time in hallways and lobbies or when standing in a queue, adequate safe distances must be adhered to. Avoid any unnecessary gatherings.

In classrooms, as instructed by the teacher, try to maintain a safe distance as well as possible.

Remember to maintain a safe distance also in break and recreation rooms. Spend only a very limited amount of time in these premises. Always use hand sanitizer when arriving in and leaving said premises.

Wearing protective gear

A face mask is recommended in the region of Southwest Finland in accordance with THL's mask recommendation . Turku UAS recommends using a mask in all its premises.

In addition to disposable masks, fabric masks can be worn. Students are responsible for procuring their own face masks, excluding the learning situations in the faculty of Health and Well-being where wearing a breathing mask is a part of the pedagogic work.

The primary goal of the face mask is to prevent the spreading of possible viruses from the mask user to the surrounding air. 

How to use a face mask correctly  (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health) 

What does our face mask recommendation mean?

Turku UAS recommends wearing face masks on the campuses. Thus, we recommend that you wear a face mask in all situations where you might encounter other people. We recommend wearing a face mask, for example, when you walk through a lobby, in the hallway, in the stairs or elevator, or when you are in a learning situation, a meeting, do group work, participate in an event or spend time with your friends or colleagues in Turku UAS’ premises.

Even though the student cafeterias are not Turku UAS’ premises, we recommend wearing face masks and keeping adequate safe distances also in the cafeterias, for example when standing in a queue or picking up a take-away meal. 


Implemention of teaching

Despite the exceptional circumstances, the teaching continues in full extent and is implemented according to the planned course timetables. Teaching is carried out as distance learning when possible and sensible in terms of functionality. This enables limiting the number of those simultaneously operating on the campuses and ensuring a safer operational environment for the students and staff.

You can find the latest information for the new students at Starting the studies -page.
We will monitor the national orders and inform of their possible effects on our own instructions through our website.
We will strive to organize flexible ways for the students to promote their studies even during these exceptional times. It is clear, however, that individual problems may appear, so we kindly ask for patience and flexibility of all members of our community. The situation is exceptional, but with cooperation, we will get through this.

Each practical training period shall be separately agreed on with the practical training place. 

We try to ensure the graduation of students despite the exceptional situation.

Risk group members

Students, who belong to a risk group and wish to have their situation be considered in the teaching arrangements, submit a certificate from a health care professional to the Head of Education and Research. 

The aim is to organize the studies in cooperation by the student and teacher thus that a risk of being exposed to the virus does not occur.

Using FFP3 level face masks is recommended to those belonging to risk groups.

Cleaning and wiping surfaces

Cleaning has been enhanced. However, it is not enough to keep all surfaces clean in the everyday life. 

All users should wipe the jointly used surfaces (e.g. jointly used computers on the campuses) before and after use.

There is disinfecting equipment available in the premises.

Coming from abroad

As for travel restrictions from your specific home country, please check the updated national guidelines on our government and Finnish Border guard webpages:

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

The instructions of the Finnish Border Guard to passengers regarding entry to Finland

For partners and customers

We organize trainings and events aimed at working life and private customers by closely monitoring the valid safety instructions and orders on safe distances and hygiene.

We work with projects and commissions flexibly, both on the spot and remotely. The staff responsible for these operations will inform our cooperation partners of the situation. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will make changes to our operational methods if necessary.

Queries related to our Services for Business can be submitted with the contact form or by email at


We can organize small events and meetings by taking the hygiene instructions into account.

Exchange periods of students

The arriving exchange students shall comply with the quarantine instructions provided by the authorities before arriving at any of the campuses.

More information for staff and students

Official operating instructions for students and staff available in Messi (registration needed)

The special arrangements will be discontinued as soon as it is safe.

Information updated 12th October 2020 9:50