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Preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences wants to ensure the progress of its students’ studies effectively and safely despite of the spreading coronavirus. These pages contain our instructions related to the coronavirus. We update the instructions on a regular basis. More information aimed at students and staff takes place in our intranet Messi.

Studies and teaching

In the autumn, we will work both remotely and on campus

Instructions applied from 7 August 2020, valid until the end of 2020

Turku University of Applied Sciences will move to a hybrid model of working starting from August. Safe activities on the campuses require responsible cooperation. It means that people come to the campuses only when they're completely healthy and that everyone takes care of good hand and coughing hygiene ( We try to maintain safe distances in all our operations.

The students, staff and stakeholders of Turku UAS are protected efficiently, and a safe study and work environment is enabled for everyone.

Teaching is carried out as distance learning when possible and sensible in terms of functionality. This enables limiting the number of those simultaneously operating on the campuses and ensuring a safer operational environment for the students and staff.


TUAS’ operating instructions during the summer: teaching and independent studying

Group instruction is carried out as distance education during the spring and summer (regardless the right of assembly of max. 50 people as instructed by the Finnish government).

If necessary, contact teaching can be provided as individual or small group teaching (max. 10 people between 14 May – 16 August 2020), including special premises, laboratories and training facilities. 

Students’ independent training or operating in special facilities

The access control tags of students will be activated for the period 14 May – 18 June 2020. Students must follow the general instructions on hygiene and remote work provided in these operating instructions and avoid any unnecessary stays on campus.  

Individual students may be granted a summertime access for the period 18 June – 16 August 2020 (according to the so-called summer access process). The access control applications are compiled and checked by each degree programme between 1–15 June 2020 and according to the regular instructions, they are forwarded to Facilities Management. 

Library operations

The libraries in Lemminkäisenkatu, Linnankatu Arts Campus and Salo IoT Campus provide a loan retrieval service between 14–31 May 2020. From 1 June onwards, the library facilities are open, and the limitations according to these instructions are adhered to in the facilities.

Library opening hours

In terms of teaching arrangements, we kindly ask the students to contact the teachers of each course, the Degree Programme Leaders and the Head of Education and Research in their own field of study. 
During the state of emergency, we will monitor the national orders and inform of their possible effects on our own instructions through our website.
We will strive to organize flexible ways for the students  to promote their studies during the state of emergency. It is clear, however, that individual problems may appear, so we kindly ask for patience and flexibility of all members of our community. The situation is exceptional, but with cooperation, we will get through this.

Each practical training period shall be separately agreed on with the practical training place. In practical trainings in the field of social services and health care, the exceptional situation in the organizations in the field is considered. The operations in the field are organized thus that students in the field of social services and health care can be utilized as employees to safeguard the health of the people and slow down the spreading of the coronavirus.

We try to ensure the graduation of students despite the exceptional situation. 

In principle, the staff shall move to remote work in the tasks where it is possible and by agreeing on the matter with their supervisor. 

Coming from abroad

For the time being, TUAS is not receiving foreign guests or delegations. In principle, new trips abroad have been cancelled. Those returning to Finland from abroad will stay off the campuses for 14 days.

For partners and customers

The trainings and services aimed at working life and private customers are postponed or organized remotely. Where applicable, we will also continue working with projects and commissions remotely. The staff responsible for these operations will inform our cooperation partners of the situation.

Queries related to our Services for Business can be submitted with the contact form or by email at 

Despite the state of emergency, TUAS’ research, development and innovation activities will continue by utilizing the solutions enabled by modern technology. You can ask for more information on the changes and continuation of the activities from the staff and Project Manager of your project.

Some of the activities will be postponed until the autumn, but many things can be innovated and developed also with remote connections.


Events and services aimed at the external public are postponed to a time when the situation has calmed down. 

Library services during the COVID-19 pandemic   18.3.2020

Entrance examinations

According to the current information, the upcoming entrance examinations in spring 2020 will be organized according to plan. In terms of possible changes, the national policies are complied with.

Changes in the entrance examinations to Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in English  31.3.2020

Entrance examinations of the first joint application of the spring  18.3.2020

Trips abroad and exchange periods of staff and students

Those returning to Finland from abroad will stay off the campuses for 14 days.

Now, 78 TUAS students are on a student exchange abroad. They may discontinue their student exchange and return to Finland. The student and staff exchanges planned for spring 2020 are postponed or cancelled. New incoming exchange students are not received, either. The current exchange students will continue their studies within the limits set by the situation.

Exchange students applying to TUAS

Due to the corona virus situation, the application deadline for incoming exchange students has been postponed until May 1st, 2020. 

TUAS is receiving incoming exchange students’ applications for the academic year 2020-2021. However, as the situation might change, we ask the applicants to follow the updates on our webpage.

Applicants from countries outside of EU:

We have been informed by the Finnish Immigration Service that due to the corona virus situation, there will be delays in the visa and residence application processes in the spring and summer 2020. This is why we recommend that exchange students and trainees who need a visa or residence permit for their stay in Finland would apply to Turku University of Applied Sciences for the spring semester 2021. 

More information for staff and students

Official operating instructions for students and staff available in Messi (registration needed)

The special arrangements will be discontinued as soon as it is safe.

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