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Page updated 19.3.2021

Preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences wants to ensure the progress of its students’ studies effectively and safely despite of the spreading coronavirus. These pages contain our instructions related to the coronavirus. We update the instructions on a regular basis. More information aimed at students and staff takes place in our intranet Messi.

Current issues

Operational instructions for the spring semester 2022, valid for the time being

Update April 25 valid for the time being

Towards the new normal

The operational instructions of Turku UAS are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU) and the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) on organizing education. We operate according to a hybrid model.

The arrangements of teaching and other activities which take place on campus are made with pedagogic justifications specifically to each degree programme and group. The teaching staff decides on the teaching arrangements together with the Degree Programme Leaders and managers. The teaching of large groups in lecture format will continue online. 

Do not come on campus when you’re sick or have symptoms. The general mask recommendation leaves campuses. The face mask can and should be worn at your discretion. Continue to take care of good hand hygiene. Keep a safe distance in the break rooms and campus restaurants. 

The possibly changing instructions on group sizes provided by the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) do not apply teaching in higher education. In public events, performances and hobbies of children and youths, the instructions and restrictions of the Regional State Administrative Agency are adhered to.

The staff shall agree on remote work arrangements with their manager according to the instructions on hybrid work. Remote work can’t prevent the continuity of critical functions or achieving the objectives and results of the operations.

Expert exchanges and business trips of the staff according to the updated country- and/or region-specific recommendations by THL and the travelling recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affair of Finland. Travel applications are processed according to regular practices.

Student exchanges and practical training also carried out according to the country- and/or region-specific recommendations of THL and the traveling recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

If you suspect a coronavirus infection, please act according to the valid instructions of the authorities.


Customer service at Service Centre

The Service Centre service points are open in minimum:

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10–13.

Staff´s ICT support will be open every weekday at 10–13.

The service points are:

  • Student Union TUO and campus shop
  • Student office
  • Students' ICT support
  • Staff's ICT support
  • Brand Desk – Communications Services
  • Globe – International services

In addition to the specialized services, the Centre features an info desk, which provides general guidance and support in the issues covered by the Service Centre and helps those working in EduCity in other everyday issues and problems.

The info desk is open on weekdays at 9–14.


The library has service points on various campuses. See up-to-date opening hours and possible exceptions on page Turku UAS Library Contacts and Opening Hours.

Coming from abroad

As for travel restrictions from your specific home country, please check the updated national guidelines on our government and Finnish Border guard webpages:

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

Changes to travel recommendations, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Information about Covid-19, Finnish Border Guard

For partners and customers

We organize trainings and events aimed at working life and private customers by closely monitoring the valid safety instructions and orders on safe distances and hygiene.

We work with projects and commissions flexibly, both on the spot and remotely. The staff responsible for these operations will inform our cooperation partners of the situation. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will make changes to our operational methods if necessary.

Queries related to our Services for Business can be submitted with the contact form or by email at palvelut@turkuamk.fi.

More information for staff and students

Official operating instructions for students and staff available in Messi (registration needed)

The special arrangements will be discontinued as soon as it is safe.

Information updated 22nd December 2021 03:45 p.m.

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