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Page updated 19.3.2021

Preparing for the coronavirus at Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences wants to ensure the progress of its students’ studies effectively and safely despite of the spreading coronavirus. These pages contain our instructions related to the coronavirus. We update the instructions on a regular basis. More information aimed at students and staff takes place in our intranet Messi.

Current issues

Operational instructions for the autumn semester 2021, valid for the time being

The operational instructions of Turku UAS are based on the updated recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU) and the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) on organizing education. In the autumn semester 2021, we will operate according to a hybrid model.

Contact teaching may be arranged on campus for a justified reason. The arrangements for teaching and other activities taking place on campus are made specifically for each degree programme and group. The teaching of large groups takes place online. The possibly changing instructions on group sizes provided by the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) do not apply teaching in higher education.

Everyone is strongly recommended to wear a mask on campus. In the teaching arrangements, safe distances must be adhered to in terms of those who cannot wear a mask for special reasons. Those belonging to risk groups shall agree on the practices separately with their manager or with the teaching staff.

In public events, performances and hobby activities of children and youths, the valid instructions and restrictions on the number of people provided by AVI are adhered to.

The staff may agree on remote work arrangements with their manager according to the updated instructions on hybrid work. At the moment, the recommendation on remote work is valid within the Hospital District of Southwest Finland (VSSHP).

Teacher and staff exchanges and business trips of the staff according to the updated country- and/or region-specific recommendations by THL and the travelling recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We try to avoid hosting guests from abroad.

Student exchanges and practical training are also carried out according to the country- and/or region-specific recommendations of THL and the travelling recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

By acting carefully according to the instructions, we can minimize the interferences in our operations and possibly speed up the return to normal circumstances. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated to get the vaccination coverage as extensive as possible.

Wear a mask and take care of good hand hygiene. Keep a safe distance in the break rooms and campus restaurants. Do not come to any Turku UAS campus if you have any symptoms. Get tested for the coronavirus if you fall ill. 

Students’ coronavirus vaccinations

All those living and studying in Turku can also get their vaccinations through the city, which means that you don’t have to seek a vaccination at your place of domicile. It is enough if you leave your contact information at the myvaccine.turku.fi website, and a vaccination appointment will be sent to you by SMS as the vaccinations of the age groups proceed. 

Students at Salo Campus: Students’ vaccinations are taken care of by the public sector i.e., municipalities. If you have any questions about the coronavirus vaccinations, please contact the health care of your home municipality.

The website of the City of Turku contains a Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus Vaccinations page , which contains information on the vaccination and vaccination schedules in Turku.

The vaccination order is based on the Government decree.

Helpful information and aid for Turku UAS international students

If you have questions related to coronavirus, please call the City of Turku coronavirus helpline, tel. +358 2 266 2714. The helpline is open Mn–Fri at 8 am–3 pm. 

If your state of health gets worse, in the evenings and weekends you must call the Turku region emergency services (Tyks Acute) directly, tel. +358 2 313 8800. You always have to call before leaving for emergency services. 

Q&A -information page (updated by University of Turku with new information when questions and answers to them are available)

Following webpages of City of Turku contain information on coronavirus:

Basic coronavirus information in Turku

Smartbot for questions

Recommendations and restrictions related to Coronavirus in Turku

Quarantine and isolation


Support for Students

Support for the Young

FAQ about Coronavirus

Questions related to food aid mail to manu.jalonen@turku.fi

You can ask advice from International Coordinators at Turku University of Applied Sciences in ‘Q&A International Students’ Teams space. Please follow the Teams regularly as all the information and news about issues regarding the coronavirus situation will be updated there.

General support from Turku UAS


Customer service at Service Centre

Update coming week 33

The internal service points at Service Centre in EduCity operate on demand. In principle, appointments take place digitally. In issues which require on-site presence, contact the service point in question in advance and make an appointment.

  • The info point at EduCity is open from 8:00–16:00. When the info point is closed, please contact servicedesk@turkuamk.fi or phone +358 50 5985 409.
  • The library on the 2nd floor at EduCity provides guidance on information retrieval on Teams on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10–13. You can book a time by contacting kirjasto@turkuamk.fi.
  • ICT support services for the staff and students operate on demand. The instructions are available on ServiceDesk’s Messi page.
  • Student Office services by email opintoasiat@turkuamk.fi. By telephone +358 40 355 0190 Mon and Thu at 9–11 o´clock. Personal appointment online or face-to-face if needed, make an appointment by email or phone. More information in Messi intranet. 
  • Globe – International services: Please contact our international relations experts by email. You can also book a personal appointment. More information in Messi.
  • Brand Desk – Communications Services: service through viestinta@turkuamk.fi.
  • Student Union TUO and the Campus shop: service through tuo@opiskelijakunta.net.

Coming from abroad

As for travel restrictions from your specific home country, please check the updated national guidelines on our government and Finnish Border guard webpages:

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic

Changes to travel recommendations, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Information about Covid-19, Finnish Border Guard

For partners and customers

We organize trainings and events aimed at working life and private customers by closely monitoring the valid safety instructions and orders on safe distances and hygiene.

We work with projects and commissions flexibly, both on the spot and remotely. The staff responsible for these operations will inform our cooperation partners of the situation. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will make changes to our operational methods if necessary.

Queries related to our Services for Business can be submitted with the contact form or by email at palvelut@turkuamk.fi.

More information for staff and students

Official operating instructions for students and staff available in Messi (registration needed)

The special arrangements will be discontinued as soon as it is safe.

Information updated 16th August 2021 9:00 a.m.