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Page updated 26.6.2023

Privacy notice for pages in the WP environment of Turku University of Applied Sciences

This is a privacy notice, which is based on articles 13 and 14 in EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This notice applies the WordPress sites (separate projects and services, about 80 separate sites) of Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd (later Turku UAS) and the site visitors’ data which is collected and processed on the sites.

Data Controller

Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd
Joukahaisenkatu 3
20520 Turku
Telephone exchange +358 2 263 350

Contact person of the filing system

The owner of the WordPress site in question.
If necessary, check the information from viestinta@turkuamk.fi


Contact information of the Data Protection Officer

Please contact in all data protection related matters: tietosuoja@turkuamk.fi 

The messages sent to this address are processed by the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and a data protection specialist working with them and as their substitute.

Purpose of use and justification for use

Turku UAS collects user data on the users of its WordPress sites.

The user data can be used for the technical and contentual development of the website. The primary purpose is to improve the services of our WordPress sites. In addition, we collect user data for the maintenance, analysis and development work of communications and marketing. In addition, on our WordPress sites we may collect data submitted by the users on Ninja Forms and Lyyti contact forms.

The log entries are utilized to ensure the information security of the service, for technical development of the service and the detection, prevention and solving of fault situations.

The legal basis for processing personal data is the General Data Protection Regulation, article 6, paragraph 1, subparagraph f: legitimate interest.

Information content

The website collects the following data automatically:


Using the service creates log entries to the servers of the technical administrator of the websites.


Cookies are saved on the user’s terminal device, to collect anonymous data on the user and their terminal device and use of our website.

Community Plugins

The cookies of the following services may be utilized on the website: community plugins to social media community services through the Flockler service, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,Twitter and YouTube.

The community services’ plugins may collect data on the user’s visit according to the community service’s own terms of use and information security. The services’ own terms of use and information security are utilized in the applications of third parties.

Some of the services offered by third parties may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area.

Transferring the data and Storage time of the data

Turku UAS may share anonymous data with third parties, which assist us in developing our website and solving fault situations.

Storage time of the data

The data is stored for the time required for these purposes and they are not used for other purposes.

Data subjects’ rights

The user can prevent the use of cookies and through this, the use of anonymous follow-up data, by preventing the saving of cookies in the browser settings.  Preventing the saving of cookies may have an impact on the functionalities of the website.

In spring 2021, we will launch a cookie administration service on our website. In the service, the users may themselves allow only the cookies necessary for using the website, specific cookies, or all cookies.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject has the right:

  • to receive information on the processing of their personal data, unless otherwise regulated by the law
  • to request for access to their personal data and rectification regarding incorrect or insufficient information
  • to erase their data (not applied, if the basis for processing is compliance with a legal obligation or performance of a task carried out in the public interest)
  • to restrict the processing of their data
  • to object to the processing of their data, if the basis for processing is general or legitimate interest
  • to request the transfer of data they have submitted themselves from one controller to another, if the basis for processing is consent or agreement
  • withdraw the consent they have given
  • notification obligation of the controller on the rectification/erasure/restricting of processing of personal data
  • not to be subject to automated decision-making (the data subject may allow automated decision-making by their consent)

Data subjects may exercise their rights by contacting the contact person mentioned in the privacy notice or the Data Protection Officer. More information on data subjects’ rights is provided by the contact person and/or Data Protection Officer.

If processing the data does not require identifying the data subject without additional information or the controller cannot recognize the data subject, the right to inspection, rectification, data erasure, restriction of processing, obligation to report and transmittal is not applied. 

You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office, if you consider that valid data protection legislation has been breached in processing your personal data. The contact details of the DPO can be found in the beginning of the privacy notice. All requests are processed on a case-by-case basis.