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Page updated 18.4.2024
TUAS Fellows

Expert programmes at Turku UAS

Turku UAS hosts two different expert programmes. Our Emeritus programme is aimed at the retired staff members. Turku UAS Fellows is our unique scheme for invited experts that aims to foster and extend our collaboration network.

Emeritus programme by Turku UAS

Our Emeritus programme is intended for our staff after their statutory retirement. Retired staff members are invited to the programme and proposals on the people to be invited are discussed by the Turku UAS Executive Board. A person participating in the Emeritus programme may continue their activities within Turku UAS for example in RDI activities, as a mentor or as thesis instructor.

A written agreement is made between each participant in the Emeritus programme and Turku UAS. On Turku UAS’ part, Rector and President Vesa Taatila signs the agreement. The starting point of the agreement is that the person participating in the programme continues their activities at Turku UAS.

The agreement is first made for one year at maximum, after which it may be continued upon consideration.

What can emeritus activities be like?

Those participating in the Emeritus programme can act within Turku UAS in different ways. The activity may involve, for instance:

  • active participation in RDI activities,
  • participation in teaching and the development of curricula,
  • thesis instruction for students,
  • mentoring (students and staff) and
  • promoting interest group activities (international activities, community relations, networks).

Duties agreed upon with the Executive Board

Those participating in the Emeritus programme agrees with an appointed member of the Executive Board on the duties they will participate in. The participants report on their activities to the Dean or other member of the Executive Board.

Turku UAS organizes a meeting for the participants to discuss current issues within the Turku UAS community.

Position and title of emeritus

Participants in the Emeritus programme do not have an employment relationship with Turku UAS, and the Employment Contracts Act or collective agreements are not applied.

Those participating in the Emeritus programme use the title Principal Lecturer Emeritus and/or Senior Adviser. An hourly wage which has been agreed upon in advance can be paid for participating in Turku UAS’ activities.

An Emeritus can have a Turku UAS email address, the necessary IT software and TUAS' business cards. If necessary, a temporary workstation may be allocated at Turku UAS premises. In principle, Turku UAS does not cover the travel costs or other similar costs of those participating in the programme.

List of Turku UAS emeriti

  • Risto Grusander, Engineering and Business
  • Risto Hyppönen, Arts Academy
  • Pentti Häkkinen, Engineering and Business
  • Jukka Juvonen, Arts Academy
  • Eija Koivisto, Engineering and Business
  • Jouko Lehtonen, Engineering and Business
  • Renja Leino, Arts Academy
  • Liisa-Maria Lilja-Viherlampi, Arts Academy
  • Pirjo Oksanen, Engineering and Business
  • Eija Saarinen, Arts Academy
  • Arja Tulonen, Arts Academy

Turku UAS Fellow programme

The Turku UAS Fellow programme aims to extend our collaboration network both nationally and internationally through invited experts who, for example, participate in our RDI activities or otherwise cooperate with and within Turku UAS in topical fields.

The Turku UAS Fellow programme for invited experts is a first of its kind at Finnish universities of applied sciences. Each invited expert, Turku UAS Fellow, will participate in the scheme for a period of five years, after which the membership may be renewed. The first invited experts started in the Turku UAS Fellow programme in 2016.

List of Turku UAS Fellows

  • Adjunct Professor Esa Alhoniemi; artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Dr Hilal Al-Maqbali, Oman University of Technology and Applied Sciences; eye-tracking technology
  • Deputy Director Ronald Camp, Canada; comparative management and leadership with focus on team psychological safety and mental health
  • Professor Edoardo Favari, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; engineering megaprojects
  • Professor Mika Hannula; leadership and management of higher education
  • Dr Suleiman Ali Khan, Amazon, US; artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Dr Katri Manninen, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden; clinical education ward activity, clinical nursing, transformative learning, nursing education pedagogy and ethics in nursing 
  • Professor, Dr Eng Evangelos Markopoulos, HULT International Business School, London, United Kingdom; creating new innovative business with the digitalization of industry and businesses
  • Professor Lisa McCann, the University of Strathclyde, UK; person-centered digital health research
  • Professor Andrew McLaren, the University of Strathclyde, UK; development and enhancement of mechanical engineering education 
  • Organizational Specialist Päivi Ovaskainen, TEHY – the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland; development of social and health care services
  • Manager Paavo Paju, Valmet; process and power plant engineering, flue gas scrubbing technologies
  • Professor Rudrajeet Pal, Swedish School of Textiles and the University of Gävle, Sweden; sustainable business and textile value chain
  • Director, New Applications, R&D Ilkka Ritakallio, Teleste; product development in electronics and high frequency technology
  • Assistant Professor Evanthia Sakellari, University of West Attica, Greece; education, research and innovations in health promotion and mental health promotion
  • Professor Antti Salminen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland; laser processing
  • Associate Professor Justyna Siemionow, Institute of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gdansk, Poland; psychology, education pedagogy and social inclusion
  • Professor Gilbert Silvius, LOI University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands; ethically and ecologically sustainable project management
  • Senior Technology Manager Pekka Talmola, Nokia, Finland
  • Luc Vercruysse, Belgium; occupational therapy and occupational science