Page updated 8.6.2018

TUAS' Strategy

Strategic plan 2015–2025

The mission of Turku University of Applied Sciences is to improve the working life, well-being and competitiveness of Southwest Finland. Our primary task is to produce competent professionals for the development of working life in our operating area. We also play an important part in building the competitiveness and vitality of our region. For our part, we are involved in developing Turku as an attractive European city of universities and culture and a city that boldly renews itself – a good place to live and succeed together. We are active in establishing Southwest Finland as a region of cooperation and partnership, where the quality of life is the best in Finland. Our success is measured with the well-being, quality of life and success of Turku and the entire Southwest Finland in the international competition.

We create competence and success for our region by producing Excellence in Action. Our target emphasizes the production and use of international-level top competence in professional activities for the good of our community. Our activities should enable the development of all our students, partners and members of staff into champions in their own field in the global operating environment of the future. Our achievements are measured through their success. Excellence is also visible in the innovations we produce for our region and the entrepreneurship which develops them.

We will proceed towards our target through four intertwined strategic programmes: The first two define which content areas we will focus on and the latter two how we operate.

TUAS' Strategy 2015-2025

Content areas:

1. In cooperation with our partners, we build a technical innovation university of the future, which creates international competitiveness for Southwest Finland and is strongly practice-oriented. The competence spearheads are:

  • A Multitechnological Marine Cluster
  • Circular Economy
  • Sales
  • Digitalization

2. The best quality of life is based on the opportunity for a good and healthy life for each resident of the region. To support this, developing well-being is at the core of our activities. With our scientific and artistic expertise and in cooperation with our partners, we continuously produce new, user-oriented and productized well-being solutions with the following competence spearheads:

  • Health promotion
  • Art as a part of a good life
  • Increasing inclusion
  • Renewing social and health care services
  • Well-being tourism

How we operate:

3. Our operational method is to create an Innopeda® based learning continuum, which combines learning and applied research, development and innovation activities with the development needs of the working life in our region.

  • In addition to competence-based degree education, our learning continuum includes development targeted at working life and services for life-long learning.
  • Our learning environments consist of our working life partners, the state-of-the-art laboratories and exercise premises which act as our students' workplaces and are used and developed in cooperation with working life, and virtual environments. The traditional, lecture-based classroom teaching will be renounced.
  • The special role of the Salo campus is to act as a test platform for our own learning methods.

4. Our result-orientation is based on acting as an inspiring community.

  • The core of our community is formed by our staff and students who share common basic values and have a collegial relationship with each other, and work in a multidisciplinary manner in our regional, national and international networking environment.
  • In addition to our owners, our central networking partners are the CoastAL and CARPE alliances, universities of technology and the other higher education institutes in our region.
  • The Excellence in Action principle is created by empowering leadership and an inspiring operational environment which supports creativity and joint competence.