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Page updated 3.6.2021

Excellence in Action: Strategy 2019–2031

Southwest Finland is the engine of growth in Finland. The strong regional development is based on excellence of international level. Turku University of Applied Sciences promotes and ensures the continuation of this success story.

Turku University of Applied Sciences is a significant development partner in the whole region. We are in a key position to develop Turku as an interesting and boldly renewing city of higher education and culture, which is a good place to live and succeed together. We support the city of Salo in developing into an attractive city of growth with healthy citizens. We are active in establishing Southwest Finland as a region of open cooperation and partnership, where the quality of life is the best in Finland. Through the Climate Plan 2029 of the City of Turku, we are committed to achieving the climate-related goals of our region.

Our primary task is to produce competent professionals for the development and needs of working life in Southwest Finland. We play an important part in building the competence-based competitiveness and vitality of our region through our active development, innovation and research activities.

We generate Excellence in Action in our region. Our activities enable the development of all our students, partners and staff members into champions in their own field in the global operating environment.

Our success in demonstrated by the constantly improving regional well-being, quality of life and success in international competition. We will achieve these results by sharing the excellence of the members of our community as well as through the innovations we have created and the entrepreneurship that develops these innovations.

We put our mission into practice by generating

  • A technical innovation university and
  • Good life in a smart society.

We are

  • An inspiring community which utilizes
  • Our communally developed Innopeda.


Inspiring Community

The success of a higher education institution depends on the competence, willingness and ability of its members to work for achieving shared goals. Excellence in Action is born through enabling leadership, inspiring activities that support creativity, and the in-depth expertise of all members of the community.

The core of our community is formed by our staff and students, who work together in a collegial relationship. In addition, our community covers all our regional, national as well as international networking partners. Key members of our network are the other foreign and Finnish higher education institutions operating in our region. We are actively building close connections with foreign universities and research institutes to bring further expertise to the region.

It is important for us that the members of our community feel well and actively work for our shared goals. We develop our communal activities both physically and virtually in shared workspaces. We create both for our staff and for our students constant opportunities to develop their know-how. With a positive, open and fair working culture, we generate an attractive community with operations to which everyone feels easy to commit.

Our Communally Developed Innopeda

The working life of the future requires strong professionalism, responsiveness, active participation, multiprofessional collaboration and continuous learning from professionals. Turku University of Applied Sciences supports the build-up of these skills through the Innopeda operational model. It emphasizes the learner’s own responsibility and the significance of continuous collaboration with working life as a foundation of learning.

Our communally developed Innopeda combines learning and applied research, development and innovation activities with the development needs of the working life in our region. We build flexible and multidisciplinary competence tracks that support the continuous evolution of working life. In addition to competence-based degree education, these tracks cover the development work targeted at working life and services for life-long learning.

Our learning environments consist of our working life partners as well as the state-of-the-art laboratories and training facilities which act as our students' workplaces and are used and developed in cooperation with working life.  Theoretical studies turn into web-based learning. We promote in-depth learning by technological solutions supporting Innopeda.

A Good Life in a Smart Society

The future of Southwest Finland is determined by the people who want to live and work in the region. Turku University of Applied Sciences promotes, together with our networking partners, the ability of people to lead as good and full a life as possible in Southwest Finland.  Our central regional operational networks are  Health Campus Turku  and  Culture Campus Turku .

Many factors that fundamentally affect the quality of life are undergoing a rapid change. We secure the prerequisites for a good life for regional residents in the middle of the continuous societal development. We participate in the construction of functioning service systems, technologies that support good life, and a sustainable environment, as well as in the production of such content which increases the quality of life.

The competence spearheads of Turku University of Applied Sciences for facilitating a good life in a smart society are:

  • Promoting health and well-being
  • Significance of art
  • Increasing inclusion and agency
  • Knowledge-based leadership

Technical Innovation University

The engines of growth in Southwest Finland are those export companies which compete in the international operating environment and new startups. Turku University of Applied Sciences produces the expertise in engineering and business needed by these companies for global success.

In cooperation with our trade and industry partners as well as partner universities, we are building a technical innovation university of working life in Southwest Finland to create sustainable international competitiveness. Its foundations are formed by our top professionals and up-to-date research and development infrastructure. Within the region, the primary operational network of our organization is  Tech Campus Turku . We introduce it to contribute to the excellence that complements the regional competence level with the assistance of our international networks of higher education institutions.

The competence spearheads of Turku University of Applied Sciences for the technical innovation university are:

  • Production technologies of the future
  • Growth from circular economy
  • Sales
  • Smart operating environments