Page updated 18.2.2020

Turku University of Applied Sciences is developing a new standard for the testing of sound attenuation of furniture ensembles and enclosures.

Noise caused by other colleagues’ speech and lack of speech privacy are very usual problems in offices.

Problems can be mitigated by sound attenuating furniture ensembles, such as

  • Mobile phone booths,
  • Mobile work and meeting rooms, and
  • Sound attenuating workstations.

At the moment, there is no standardized method to measure or declare the attenuation properties of furniture ensembles.

ISO has started a new project group on 10 April 2018 under ISO TC 43/SC 2 /WG 35. The project group is preparing a standard proposal ISO/DIS 23351-1  describing a laboratory test for the measurement of sound attenuation of abovementioned furniture ensembles. The project group is convened by Valtteri Hongisto

The creation of an ISO standard requires at least three international ballot rounds: CD, DIS and FDIS ballots.

The first draft, or the CD version, of the standard was accepted in international ballot in Autumn 2018.

The second draft, ISO/DIS 23351-1 was accepted in September 2019. DIS version is also commercially available and it can be freely applied by test laboratories globally.

The next and the final ballot is made about the final draft version ISO FDIS 23351-1, which does not change anymore after the ballot it is is accepted. The ballot will start in March 2020.

The method of the standard is based on two international scientific articles ( here and here ).

Turku University of Applied Sciences provides high quality test services according to the method described in draft standard . Futher information about the service can be found  here.

Information about other acoustic services are given here.