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Page updated 9.9.2014
Medication Passport

Medication Passport

Ensure the Medication Competence of Graduating Nurses

The Medication Passport has been developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with other Finnish universities of applied sciences. The Medication Passport is an instrument to support the learning of medication care of nursing students at universities of applied sciences and to confirm their competence development.

It is based on the national degree-specific medication competence requirements of the health care sector/nursing profession. Currently the Medication Passport is available in three language versions; Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Medication Passport is nursing student’s personal web-based document. It contains comprehensive information on his/her theoretical studies as well as the skills practiced in the clinical learning environment.

Students are mostly responsible for maintaining the records in the Passport, while the teachers and clinical practice mentors record the achievements of learning goals in medication competence.
The content of the Medication Passport comprises of four different subjects:
1.    Medication studies at university level
2.    Medication administration skills
3.    Medication calculating skills
4.    Special skills in medication management

The content of the Medication Passport can be modified based on the national needs and regulations.

At Turku University of Applied Sciences we have solid knowledge and several years’ experience in developing practices of medication studies, and we are willing to share our knowledge on how this kind of standardised medication competence development system can be developed and implemented.