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Page updated 15.5.2014
WastED - Export of Education in Waste Management

WastED - Export of Education in Waste Management

The WastED project exports the waste management know-how to Estonia and Latvia and also develops educational package that will be exported in the future to other countries, too.

The primary target groups of this project are the staffs of waste management organizations as well as individuals who are planning to specialize in the field. The project will increase their professional know-how and competitiveness in the labor market. New partnerships will be formed between different organizations on the course of the project.

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The objectives of the project

  • To create new educational materials (educational packages)
  • To standardize education in waste management
  • To develop education in the target countries
  • To develop the know-how of Finnish educational institutes in the area of export of education

The long-term objective is to increase the level of know-how in waste management in the target countries and thereby to comprehensively develop waste management. In order to ensure continuity, education in waste management will be embedded as a part of the educational system in the target countries.

The main operator and partners

The main operator of the project is Turku University of Applied Sciences. The project will be caaried out in co-operation with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and SYKLI, Environmental School of Finland.