Page updated 7.4.2020

Implementation of the new library system 

The implementation of the new library system will affect the use of TUAS Finna as well as the Information and Research Guides. Read what other changes will take place in the libraries at the turn of the year.

Logging into TUAS Finna

Both students and staff will continue to log on as usual with their TUAS username (Haka login). After the implementation of the new system you may have to connect your library card onto your FINNA account again.

Logging in will change for customers who aren’t students or staff of TUAS because it will no longer be possible to log in with a library card. In the future such customers will order a single-use link for logging in. The link will be delivered by email. In order for this to function, it is essential that customers have filled in a functioning email address in their contact information.

PIN-codes will change

PIN-codes are needed when items are borrowed on the self-check machines. Old PIN-codes will not function after the beginning of year 2020. Default codes will be created for students with their birthdays and birth months and the code will be in the form of ddmm. Other customers will receive new PIN-codes from the libraries.

Store your TUAS Finna favourites and new release reminders

Saved favourites lists on TUAS Finna will not function after the new system implementation. Save your favourites lists for instance by sending them to your own email. You can do this by logging into TUAS Finna, going to your favourites, selecting the lists you wish to save and then sending them via email.

Saved searches and new release reminders may also disappear. You may wish to save your saved search phrases by for instance copying them onto a Word file.