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Page updated 13.11.2015

Night of the Arts Academy for children and culture

This year the Night of the Arts Academy attracted especially families with children to spend time with arts. The number of visitors was huge – all performances in Köysiteatteri, for example, were teeming with people.

Text: Roosa Lindholm
Photo: Peppi Hellén

The exact number of the visitors is unknown, but Project Manager Kati Vairinen thinks that there were about 400 people.

“According to the amount of programmes we handed out, there were at least over 350 visitors. We run out of programmes after the first fifteen minutes and had to print 100 more”, Vairinen laughs.

This year the event focused especially on families with children. Programme suitable for children was invested in, for example in terms of a workshop.

“Night of the Arts Academy has always been a family event, but there has not been so much programme for the entire family. The organisation behind the event, the Arts Academy's student association TOY ry, wanted to invest in this and we tried to fulfil their dreams to the best of our ability.”

Play-doh for the rehabilitation of paediatric patients

This year the public could bring used goods for a charity flea market. The profits from the flea market were used to by art supplies to support the creativity and rehabilitation of the paediatric patients at Turku University Hospital.

The art supplies were handed over to TYKS on Wednesday 11 November.

“We brought them craft supplies, play-doh, games etc. We tried to find goods that encourage creativity as much as possible", the Project Manager lists.

The donation target was easy to select because of the theme of the Night and through history.

 “Both the theme of this year and the original push to start arranging the event years ago is culminated in that we want to show how important culture is. The creative field should not be objected to cuts even in the most challenging of times. We wanted to share our message and invest in that the idea lives on. The paediatric department of TYKS fitted the bill”, Vairinen sums up.