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7.9.2020 | Turku UAS Front page

Innopeda Podcast Series

Innovation pedagogy – the strategic approach developed at Turku university of applied sciences (TUAS) is now taken the next steps to appear in multiple new channels.
4.6.2020 | Research, Development and Innovation

Sustainable future should be a common goal

In May, Principal Lecturer and Senior Advisor at TUAS, Taru Konst, and Executive Lecturer Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen, who retired in early spring, published the book Redesigning Education – Visions and Practices (2020).
6.5.2020 | Studies

Exceptional exchange studies

Applying as an exchange student always changes the everyday student life a great deal. The exchange students of spring 2020 underwent an exceptional amount of surprises due to the coronavirus pandemic.
24.4.2020 | Turku UAS

Interruption of face-to-face instruction does not stop collaboration, shows Fulbright Scholar John Donnellan

Dr John Donnellan travelled to Finland from the US in January 2020 to spend the spring term at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) as our first long-term Fulbright grantee. We now explore how his Fulbright scholarship and related teaching activities continue in the situation where the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted his residency in Finland.
24.2.2020 | Research, Development and Innovation

Innovation assistance from Germany – aiming for a new research unit in Turku

TechCampus Turku is developing cooperation with the Fraunhofer Society, a German organization specializing in applied research. The goal is to set up a new research unit in Turku to serve the research and development needs of the region’s technology industry.
3.2.2020 | Training and Services

The first elementary school in Brazil to be certified as Innopeda® School

TUAS and ISO Colégio e Cursos are collaborating to create pedagogical change in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. A 5-day intensive training was held at ISO in December 2019 to train a group of new teachers to become Innopeda® teachers at a new school to be opened in February 2020.
22.1.2020 | Turku UAS

“If we hide our mistakes, how can we learn from them?” – TUAS Fellow Ronald Camp talks about psychological safety at work

Meet Dr Ronald Camp, Deputy Director of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) and Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and International Business at the University of Regina − and a new TUAS Fellow.
17.1.2020 |

Something new, something old – something unexpected!

Studies completed while working offer new insights and tools for your own field. At best, the studies encourage choosing a new direction for your career. It’s an opportunity you should seize, Nina Arponen encourages.
13.1.2020 | Turku UAS

Distance learning technologies shape dance education – Meet Fulbright resident John Toenjes

How to use distance learning technologies in university-level dance education? Associate Professor John Toenjes knows the answers and visited three Finnish universities of applied sciences during his Fulbright residency.
10.1.2020 |

Learning new things is a question of will

A Master’s degree is an excellent stepping stone for public offices. The study motivation grows even more, when you get to deepen your expertise and expand your professional network, Raikko Kavisto knows.
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