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7.2.2018 | Interviews

The Faculty of Engineering and Business is led by Juha Kontio

Let’s solve all the unsolved issues one by one when necessary, wrote Dean Juha Kontio in TUAS intranet. Wise words from a man who was handed a huge faculty to take care of. At the beginning of 2018, Turku University of Applied Sciences combined two faculties into one faculty, Engineering and Business.
19.12.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

CARPE Conference 2017 in Hamburg - joint project proposals and teacher network development

The biennial conference of the international CARPE network was organized on 15–17 November 2017 in Hamburg under the theme of Let’s Talk about Impact – Fostering Collaboration in Research, Innovation and Education.
7.11.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

Promoting the development of plastic waste collection and recycling system

Every year, approximately 10 000–20 000 tons of agricultural plastic waste is created in Finland. Only a fraction ends up being recycled, which is why a project focusing on the plastic waste collection and utilization serves a purpose.
10.10.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

TUAS became a member of a worldwide, highly recognized circular economy network Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Turku University of Applied Sciences has been invited to become a member of a worldwide, highly recognized circular economy network Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The membership will lead TUAS together with the focal international operators in the field.

Arts and electricity at Ruisrock festival

Turku University of Applied Sciences has successfully cooperated with Ruisrock, the oldest rock festival in Finland, for several years by offering festivalgoers programme produced by students and alumni. This year, we demonstrated electricity generation with #Ruissifillari tandem bike and produced high-quality art numbers.
28.8.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

Lego robots racing on TUAS campus

In July, Turku University of Applied Sciences organized two Lego Workshops for Chinese schoolchildren attending Science and Technology Summer Camp in Turku. During the workshops, the children learned how to build and program Lego robots with the instruction by TUAS students.
29.5.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

Art and social services met at ICT City

On 10 May, the fields of art and social services met at ICT City as students presented art-based methods intended for working with the youth.
24.4.2017 | Interviews

The school pupils’ climate change awareness is empowered through play and art – “it’s great to see them so inspired”

Pupils at the Pääskyvuori primary school, Turku, Finland are engaged with environmental issues in the international Green Actions project, which is being led by the Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences. In the project, learning happens by doing. Playing and art stimulate the pupils with environmental themes.
16.3.2017 | Events

IB Alumni Reunion 2017

22.11.2016 | Research, Development and Innovation

European champion in research on wireless data transfer

How’s that sound? TUAS’ research group is one of the recent recipients of a prize awarded by the EU, worth half a million euros. The project brainstormed in cooperation with partners has led to the best research on wireless data transfer in Europe. Some of you probably already know the address: the Radio Lab at ICT City, C-wing, 2nd floor.
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