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28.6.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

New handbook inspires to multiprofessional work

Are you interested in collaboration in the interfaces between arts and culture and social or youth work? Interprofessional collaboration offers new ways to reach customers and meet their needs. TUAS has published a handbook for multiprofessional work and related training particularly in the fields of arts and social work.
27.6.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

What’s your promise to the Baltic Sea?

Partners of the Waterchain project from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and the Åland Islands have developed ways to reduce the harmful inflows of nutrients and hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea. The project launched a new website during its final seminar in May.
16.5.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

International cooperation in sales engineering

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) is an international organization for sales engineering education, research and awareness that consists of experts from 22 higher education institutions. The experts of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) have been members of AASE since 2014.
25.4.2018 | Studies

Two Months in Wintery Turku – Letter from Erasmus Exchange Student

I am Kristýna (in Finnish, “minä olen Kristýna”) and I decided to complete my internship in Turku, Finland. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Below, I will explain why.
24.4.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

International Week brought together colleagues from around the world

TUAS International Week brought together guests from all around the world as a record number of people arrived in Turku, some from European partner institutions and others from faraway countries. The TUAS International Week was arranged by Turku University of Applied Sciences on Turku and Salo campuses on 9–13 April 2018.
10.4.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

Clothes as service: CaaS-hackathon searches methods to revolutionize business of the textile industry

What if you could purchase your clothes as a service? students got to delve into this question in a CaaS-hackathon organized in March, where students brainstormed turning the business of the textile industry on its head. Students developed among other things a shared wardrobe and a rental and swapping service for home textiles.
28.3.2018 |

Welcome to Turku Summer School 2018!

Turku Summer School offers students an excellent opportunity to combine studying with an active social programme and enjoying the best of the Nordic summer. We invite participants from all over the world and provide also an excellent head start for exchange students to their study-abroad period in Finland.
26.3.2018 | Turku UAS

TUAS rectors back to school for a week

How many different subjects can you study at Turku University of Applied Sciences? That’s what TUAS Rector and President Vesa Taatila and TUAS Vice Rector Juhani Soini set to find out last week by jumping in among students on different TUAS campuses, trying out a range of studies. They were impressed by the motivated attitude of TUAS students.
7.2.2018 | Turku UAS

The Faculty of Engineering and Business is led by Juha Kontio

Let’s solve all the unsolved issues one by one when necessary, wrote Dean Juha Kontio in TUAS intranet. Wise words from a man who was handed a huge faculty to take care of. At the beginning of 2018, Turku University of Applied Sciences combined two faculties into one faculty, Engineering and Business.
19.12.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

CARPE Conference 2017 in Hamburg - joint project proposals and teacher network development

The biennial conference of the international CARPE network was organized on 15–17 November 2017 in Hamburg under the theme of "Let’s Talk about Impact – Fostering Collaboration in Research, Innovation and Education".
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