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3.1.2020 |

An expert in the field of art strengthens interaction

– One of the tasks of artists is to find ways to respond to societal challenges, says artist and developer Krista Petäjäjärvi. The tools for strengthening your competence can be provided by TUAS’ Master School studies.
27.12.2019 |

Master School spurred a financial expert on a new career

In working life, do you feel like you no longer have aces up your sleeve? Expert in the field of trade Hanna-Maria Ojala decided to open a new deck of cards and start to deepen her expertise in trade with a Master’s degree.
12.12.2019 | Turku UAS

A double degree brings valuable experience – the true value will be revealed later

The double degree is a great way to stand out when applying for a job. Turku University of Applied Sciences offers project-oriented ways to study and learn.
21.11.2019 | Studies

The IB Online programme gives freedom and possibilities

Makoto Chiba is a third-year International Business student at Turku University of Applied Sciences, in the online programme. He has a bit over a year left of his studies and he is starting to work on his thesis now. He chose to study online, because it offered flexibility to work and travel while studying.
29.10.2019 | Turku UAS

“I’m here to commercialize the minds of TUAS” – Evangelos Markopoulos to join the TUAS invited expert programme

Three new invited experts bring a breath of internationality to TUAS invited expert programme and extend our collaboration network in several highly topical fields. In this piece, we introduce Professor Evangelos Markopoulos, who specializes in creating new innovative business and commercializing the results of innovation projects.
30.9.2019 | Turku UAS

“Working together to achieve impact is why I’m here” – Justyna Siemionow promotes research on social inclusion

Three new international experts have joined the TUAS Fellows programme in August 2019, bringing a breath of internationality to our invited expert programme. In this story, we proudly introduce Associate Professor Justyna Siemionow from the University of Gdansk, Poland, who specializes in research and practices of social inclusion.
24.9.2019 | Training and Services

For people who are changing the world faster – Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology

Are you interested in cybersecurity, games or hi-tech electronic devices? The Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information and Communication Technology might be right for you.
18.9.2019 | Events

Brazilian guests learn about Innopeda®

A couple of weeks ago a few visitors from Paraiba, Brazil visited TUAS to learn more about Innopeda®. José Antônio Coutinho de Rezende – the owner of ISO Colégio e Curson in Brazil and Stellio Silva Mendes – School coordinator, spent one week in Turku to learn more about Innovation Pedagogy.
16.9.2019 | Studies

Expand your knowledge with TUAS’ Master’s degree in English

The market and scenery around us is still changing. The classic way of teaching at universities can no longer provide students with a decent job. How to be prepared for the continuing development in working life? Get a Master’s degree in English at TUAS.
11.9.2019 | Events

Opening of the academic year 2019–20 – from a foreigner's point of view

During TUAS Opening – the opening of the academic year – students were able to meet the staff of TUAS, learn about them and find out more about the school. But how did it look like, from a foreigner’s point of view?
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