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10.9.2019 | Studies

New exchange students

On Tuesday the 27th of August, Turku University of Applied Sciences welcomed new exchange students. This semester 208 of them will begin their new journey in Finland.
23.8.2019 | Research, Development and Innovation

20 years of the NORDPLUS Explorations and Collaborations in the Arts / The ECA Network

The Nordplus Higher Education programme has opened a completely new world of possibilities for higher education institutions for over 20 years.
21.8.2019 | Research, Development and Innovation

Guests at TUAS

Last Friday some very special guests arrived to TUAS. Brazilian visitors came to learn more about Innopeda. Among them were Jelena Santalainen, a Finnish representative of Team Finland in Brazil and the Brazilian Ambassador from the Brazilian Embassy in Helsinki.
20.8.2019 | Studies

Studying has never been easier with TUAS BBA in International Business online Degree

The world is rapidly changing and becoming more diverse and interdependent. This means that the skills required to be able to navigate in today’s world are changing as well.
14.8.2019 | Research, Development and Innovation

How to teach circular economy?

A fresh guidebook offers practical methods for teaching circular economy at higher education institutions. The method guide has been produced in cooperation by six universities of applied sciences.
12.8.2019 | Studies

Being on your own in Finland – stereotype meets reality

When I decided to pick Turku as my Erasmus+ exchange destination there were 3 words that I had heard from every person that I shared this information with. Those words were: cold, dark, shy. But was being on my own in this country for 5 months as bad as people thought?
16.5.2019 | Research, Development and Innovation

TUAS’ BusinessAcademy helped immigrants find employment

Turku University of Applied Sciences designed a Bachelor of Business Administration study programme for highly educated immigrants. The training provided the participants with practical entrepreneurial competences and information on Finnish working life. A fresh collection of articles presents practical experiences on the training.
20.11.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

Education and its structures must be reformed – new publication tells us how to do it

Working life demands renewal of education. The renewal of education requires a reform of structures, actions and attitudes of educational institutions. The new publication by Turku University of Applied Sciences sheds light on what kind of a cross cutting policy facilitates the change in educational organizations.
14.11.2018 | Turku UAS

Arts Pedagogy: A partnership between Greenland and Finland

Greenlandic guests from the University of Greenland’s Institute of Learning visited, for the first time, the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences on 5–9 November 2018.
7.11.2018 | Turku UAS

Meet Tina from Tianjin University of Technology

Associate Professor Haomiao Yu from Tianjin University of Technology, Tina by her Western name, has now worked for two months at TUAS. It's not the first time she is visiting Turku, but this time she will stay until spring with the aim to further enhance the collaboration between Tianjin University of Technology and TUAS.
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