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Page updated 17.9.2019

Expand your knowledge with TUAS’ Master’s degree in English

The market and scenery around us is still changing. The classic way of teaching at universities can no longer provide students with a decent job. How to be prepared for the continuing development in working life? Get a Master’s degree in English at TUAS.

Master of Business Administration, Sales Management and Master of Business Administration, Business Management are two of the four Master’s degrees in English that TUAS has in its offerings. You can apply for both of them from the 4th until the 18th of September. What makes them so special?

The way of studying

What makes TUAS’ Master’s degrees different from any other Master’s degree is the possibility of working alongside studying and the compulsory 3-year work experience called ´Finnish Innovation´. Here at TUAS, you will study a Master’s degree in a flexible way. You can be working from anywhere full-time and still learn. The programme is built on mixed-mode studies including lectures, seminars, e-learning, teamwork and independent work. There are two days of contact sessions monthly. You will further develop the competences needed in the field of work. The Master’s degree is shorter, more restricted and qualified and the programme is strongly oriented towards the future. All in all, TUAS provides high quality education that has a strong connection towards working life and practical experience is taught by knowledgeable teachers.  


Innopeda – the concept of innovation pedagogy developed at TUAS – contributes to the development of a new generation of professionals, whose ways of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating added value possible. Innopeda focuses on activating learning methods and prepares students for real working life. How? By a multidisciplinary, flexible curriculum, development-oriented assessment and renewing teachers’ and students’ roles.

What does it mean?

At Masters’ level, for example, students – all experienced professionals – work actively together and co-create new knowledge and develop their competences. The studies are deeply integrated to the development of the students’ own organizations, professional networks or business initiatives. Especially the Master’s thesis projects focus on developing the future working life. The students will train to be the innovators, leaders and facilitators of the future; experts who take initiative and make things happen.

Master of Business Administration, Sales Management

This degree will help students develop the competences needed in management positions in a demanding global business environment. It’s suitable for students who want to expand their knowledge after getting the Bachelor’s degree. They will be able to learn how to become a manager or inspiring leader, what are the latest trends in the market, how to promote the company and become a skilful negotiator.

Master of Business Administration, Business Management

On the contrary, Business Management teaches students how to develop competences needed in the management positions in a demanding global business environment.. It is particularly targeted at people who want to prepare for being in a management position in any kind of a business organization. It will teach knowledge of strategic thinking and management, basics of financial management and how to become a skilled leader.

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Text: Agnieszka Olenska, trainee at Communications Services