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15.3.2016 | Turku UAS

Trust yourself and others

BusinessAcademy is Finnish entrepreneurship education at its best. Not forgetting the curriculum, students are supported on the road to entrepreneurship: by experimenting, failing, succeeding and improving their activities they can achieve results. Once the students graduate, they already know the business field and how to run their own enterprise.
13.11.2015 | Events

Night of the Arts Academy for children and culture

This year the Night of the Arts Academy attracted especially families with children to spend time with arts. The number of visitors was huge – all performances in Köysiteatteri, for example, were teeming with people.
20.10.2015 | Turku UAS

Shape up instead of messing up

Traffic lights help cross a busy road. At TUAS, traffic lights, or quality, mean that everyone follows the rules and goals we have jointly agreed on. Once the direction is clear, things do not have to be repeated over and over again. We cross the street quickly and go in the same direction.
8.10.2015 | Events

Networking and internationalisation at home

The sixth international conference week of part-time education and Master’s degrees was organised on TUAS’ Ruiskatu campus on 21–25 September 2015. The participants came from the United States, China and several European countries.
28.8.2015 | Studies

Welcome to the library

Welcome to the library and congratulations to all new students on your admission! Turku UAS Library and Information Services helps you with your studies and professional development. The library is near you – you find library services at Turku UAS campuses as well as online.
21.8.2015 | Events

TUAS opened the new academic year

The opening event of TUAS’ academic year 2015–2016 took place in ICT-City on Thursday 20 August. The opening event was organised in a new way.
8.6.2015 | Studies

Living abroad alone makes exchange students stronger

Every year, there are many exchange students at the Arts Academy of TUAS. Some of them are living apart from their family and friends for the first time, which can be fun but also frustrating. Nevertheless, it’s a memorable part of life one will think about years later. This spring exchange students put up a joint exhibition called Kairos.
5.6.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Towards a better world through checkout

Hundreds of different labels and certificates tell us how food, a piece of clothing or cosmetics have been produced. The frog symbol, the leaf symbol, the ladybug symbol and many others tell about the products and aim to influence our choices. A research group at TUAS found out how these labels direct customers towards a more responsible world.
2.6.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Creative activity helps the brain age vividly

Ageing is inevitable. Even though we live longer than before and are in better shape, we might get a memory disorder. The Active Ageing research group at Turku University of Applied Sciences produces information and models for functional ageing. Each and every one of us can grow old wisely and creatively.
19.5.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Hearing the children

Low-threshold activities, supporting families and promoting child protection form the basis for the work of the research group Empowering Children and Young People. The aim is to strengthen the status of children and youths in every which way, and hearing their wishes in society.
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