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11.5.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

In the health centre of the future, the client will be king

What will health care be like in the future? Will nurses be replaced with robots or will we have to treat ourselves? The changes currently taking place in social and health care make people talk and wonder. TUAS offers tools for municipalities and organisations which are currently tackling the changing service structure.
21.4.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Park trees given a new lease of life by design students

Park trees get a new lease of life as they are processed into park benches by TUAS students. The trees, which have been felled from the oldest parks in the City of Turku, have been used already since the 1980s.
16.4.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

In innovation pedagogy, it’s okay to fail

TUAS accepted the challenge to get students to absorb, produce and use information in a way which creates innovations. This new approach to teaching is gaining more and more ground at TUAS. The word has travelled far and roused interest all the way to South America and Asia – export of education is the word of the day.
10.4.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Vietnam follows in the steps of Turku

A project of Turku University of Applied Sciences has presented Finnish pedagogics and innovative learning environments to Vietnamese universities. The project, which included teacher and student visits, has improved the connections of Vietnamese students with local working life.
2.4.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Making the most of innovations

How do surplus fabrics end up as herb pots and toilet bags? Can the recycling of animals’ food bags reduce the coal emissions of cement manufacturing? These and many other good ideas have been implemented in the cooperation between TUAS’ students and companies.
20.2.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

From Turku Game Lab to the world

Biathlon is a popular TV sport and it is watched by a multiple number of spectators compared with, for example, traditional cross-country skiing races. The opportunities to test the sport are however limited. That’s why the new technology might cause a positive surprise to many couch potatoes.
12.11.2014 | Studies

Students found ways of utilising waste

The Challenge Turku Green camp had 24 participants from five higher education institutions in the Turku area. The students worked in multidisciplinary and international teams aiming to find new ways of utilising waste.
27.10.2014 | Studies

Health and Well-being on the way to the future

In the faculty of Health and Well-being, we work for the needs and targets for development of the social and health care field. We implement multidisciplinary training and research, development and innovation projects.
14.10.2014 | Studies

The Capstone innovation project emphasises creative thinking and user-oriented development

The Capstone innovation project is a new kind of learning entity of Turku University of Applied Sciences. It combines different degree programmes in a multiprofessional way. This is already the third kick-off autumn for Capstone.
25.8.2014 | Events

A reformative UAS promotes the success of its region

Universities of Applied Sciences exist to support the success of their region, reminded Vesa Taatila in his speech at TUAS’ opening event in ICT-City on Thursday. Taatila will start in the new post of Rector and President of TUAS in October.
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