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Page updated 28.6.2018

New handbook inspires to multiprofessional work

Are you interested in collaboration in the interfaces between arts and culture and social or youth work? Interprofessional collaboration offers new ways to reach customers and meet their needs. TUAS has published a handbook for multiprofessional work and related training particularly in the fields of arts and social work.

Photo: Jose Maria Herranz de la Casa

Working for a common goal in a multiprofessional manner is an increasingly significant part of working life. Handbook for Moving towards Multiprofessional Work, published by Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), originated from pinpointing the clear need for developing relevant competence and providing training for multiprofessional work not only in working life but already during studies.

”Education usually focuses on one discipline only. However, in working life it is very few who work within their own professional group only. The skills required in multiprofessional work should be taught and learnt before graduation”, describes Project Manager Suvi Kivelä from TUAS.

Handbook for Moving towards Multiprofessional Work offers tools for multiprofessional training and cooperation as well as for planning and implementing multiprofessional projects. It aims to inspire and suggest and, according to the authors, it is meant to be adapted to suit different contexts.   

The handbook contains two training packages: one for arts and social work professionals and teachers, and another for students. In addition, it covers theory of multiprofessional work, tools for assessment of trainings and plenty of interesting case examples of multiprofessional cooperation and related training events in the fields of arts and social work in Estonia, Finland, Spain and the UK.

Created within an international project

The handbook is drawn up within the international Erasmus+ KA2 project ”MOMU – Moving towards Multiprofessional Work” (1 Sep 2015–31 Aug 2018) coordinated by TUAS. The project developed multiprofessional higher education between the fields of arts and social services in collaboration between higher education teachers, students and working life professionals in the UK, Estonia, Finland and Spain. The activities aimed at increasing cooperation between the current and future professionals working in the fields of arts and culture and social work as well as creating a new kind of understanding.

”The central aim of the project has been to respond to the changing working life needs by defining competences needed in multiprofessional work and offering hands-on tools for identifying these competences and starting collaboration”, Kivelä says.

The publication is available in PDF format free of charge.


Handbook for Moving towards Multiprofessional Work
Emilio José Gómez Ciriano, Suvi Kivelä, Lii Araste, Jodie Gibson, Jose María Herranz de la Casa, Liisa-Maria Lilja-Viherlampi, Hugh McLaughlin, Ivar Männamaa (eds.)