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Page updated 8.10.2020

Innopeda Podcast Series

Innovation pedagogy – the strategic approach developed at Turku university of applied sciences (TUAS) is now taken the next steps to appear in multiple new channels.

Picture: Antti Ala-Könni

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Whether you are just making the first steps to understand this approach or looking for some new ideas, you might find valuable to follow the channels that are most convenient for you.

The need for change in higher education

Innovation pedagogy is a strategic tool, which can be used in educational institutions to change the thinking and operations as what skills and competencies the students need in the future and how to support the learning processes, in which such competencies evolve.

In spite of the name, which clearly refers to teaching, innovation pedagogy is a much larger concept. It entails the idea of making the change in the whole institution, on all levels and in every aspect. Therefore, it is considered a strategy for change. Naturally, it also covers the need to change teaching methods and environments. 

Innopeda® is a registered trademark at TUAS. Under this concept we at TUAS work for spreading the new ideas and training educational institutions as well as private organizations to better understand the need for change in higher education and as how to make the change. You can read more of the principles of Innopeda at our web page  .

Discussion between our partners and clients

At this point, as the world is experiencing peculiar times, we want to offer more for a understanding and discussion between our partners and clients.

In the spring of 2020, we introduced an Innopeda® webinar series. This turned out to be a valuable opportunity to explain the rationale behind the need for the change in education, the principles of Innopeda as well as examples of how we at TUAS have applied the ideas in everyday teaching and learning.

The spring series of four webinars was carried out in April-June 2020 and it gathered altogether over thousand followers from all continents. This shows that the need for change in teaching and learning is a global issue and there is a mutual need to discuss as how to make the change.

We are delighted that we can offer this forum for all interested parties. The webinar series will continue in the autumn term 2020. More information about the webinar series can be found on our website  innopeda.fi .  

Boost your curiosity towards the future!

In addition to our webinar series, we will launch a new Innopeda podcast series in the autumn of 2020.

The aim is to interview the personnel at TUAS as well as in our partner universities about the best practices in implementing Innopeda as a strategic tool, in teaching methods, curriculum, assessment, applied learning etc.

We hope that, among our listeners, we can spread the courage to take new paths and boost the curiosity towards the future, which will be different.

The more we discuss and change ideas, the more we can understand the changing world and what the change means for education.