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Page updated 3.2.2020

The first elementary school in Brazil to be certified as Innopeda® School

TUAS and ISO Colégio e Cursos are collaborating to create pedagogical change in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. A 5-day intensive training was held at ISO in December 2019 to train a group of new teachers to become Innopeda® teachers at a new school to be opened in February 2020.

The intensive Innopeda training at ISO was a great success

TUAS Innopeda® experts Ms. Marjo Joshi and Ms. Milla Järvipetäjä were coaching and supporting the teachers in this process.

The participating teachers were enthusiastic about the new Innopeda methods and approaches to be implemented in the new school. The high motivation of the teachers enabled them to acquire new skills and knowledge during the 5-day intensive training period. The training introduced Innopeda® cornerstones, whereby Innopeda® approach was applied in assessment, methods, collaboration, case studies and innovation competences.

“We wanted to implement the training with activating methods to emphasise that the active role of the learner is essential in Innopeda® approach. That was a success as the teachers participating in the training were eager to experiment new ways of supporting and motivating the learner.” says Milla Järvipetäjä.

The participating teachers continue the training by working on their personal development task and implementing Innopeda® approaches in their own teaching. In addition, the training continues online through discussions, joint online meetings and

According to Marjo Joshi, “Development process of implementing Innopeda as a strategic approach has started well and is supported by the whole organisation. It was great to see the commitment of the management and coordinators who also took part in the training and supported their staff in taking steps towards the new pedagogical change.”

Innopeda® Brand

TUAS Brand Manager, Ms. Mari Hartemo joined the Innopeda Intensive training in Brazil to present and review Innopeda® brand guidelines and to take care of other administrative tasks during the trip.

Additionally, she followed closely all Innopeda® marketing activities in Brazil. “ISO has been very active in marketing Innopeda®, and I was impressed about the effort they had on documenting our intensive training. It was also pleasing to see TUAS logo all over João Pessoa”, says Mari Hartemo. “We have a great co-operation with both ISO and the local advertising agency, and I am convinced that TUAS brand is treated well in their marketing efforts”.

Management of ISO will be visiting TUAS and Finland in March

ISO has started the process of becoming the first elementary school in Brazil to be certified as Innopeda® School. Management of ISO will be visiting TUAS and Finland in March to continue the development process.

Innopeda® in ISO Colégio e Cursos