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Page updated 18.4.2016

About excellent customer service

The description of the degree programme says it: as an actor in the field of library and information services, you have to be curious and active, try to find and experiment with new methods of operation, and have the courage to network multiprofessionally and -culturally. Yes. This is how the people at TUAS’ libraries work.

Text and photos: Anne Lehikoinen. Translation: Elli Sillanpää.

In the photo at the top: At the Campus Shop in Lemminkäisenkatu, Information Services Secretary Elisa Kalmi on the right, Information Specialist Lauri Bang and Information Services Secretary Suvi Pukero.

 At TUAS’ library, the customer service is personal, specialized and pleasant. (We’re speaking from experience! You should give it a try.)

This year the long-awaited Campus Shop needed a central location within TUAS. That location was obviously found at the library.

Now, during the library (Lemminkäisenkatu 30) opening hours, you can go get presents for your travels or for yourself a cool hoodie or other TUAS products. The shop also sells TUAS’ publications.

TUAS’ library has altogether five locations: in Turku, they are located at the addresses Lemminkäisenkatu 30, Ruiskatu 8, Sepänkatu 1 and Linnankatu 60. In addition in Salo, the TUAS library can be found at Ylhäistentie.

All the libraries are public, which means that anyone can use them by acquiring a library card.


TUAS library
The library maintains e.g. the online thesis database Theseus. Last year the TUAS theses available in Theseus were downloaded over a million times, says Marja Anttonen, Director of Library Services.


The library is for everyone

Every TUAS student gets to know the library right at the beginning of their studies. They become very familiar with the library at the latest when writing their theses.

“Personal service to the students is very rewarding, when you see how they become enthusiastic and are able to proceed with their work”, says Lauri Bang, who started as an Information Specialist at the Lemminkäisenkatu library in January.  

The libraries are involved in all TUAS’ operations, as a support service and a central park of information search. Different guidance routes go here and there and people providing the guidance are needed - both in the buildings and online.

“The daily number of library visitors is over 700, and then there are the online customers. The new online services make accessing the information even easier”, says Director of Library Services Marja Anttonen,who has a long experience in the field.

She thanks her staff, who are always eager to participate in everything new.

“We do get positive feedback from our customers, too. Last summer I got a bar of chocolate from a student and was also surprised by a Chinese student, who gave me a manicure set as a thank you. A nice memory of a working day”, Elisa Kalmi laughs.

Information Services Secretary Suvi Pukero participated recently in an Erasmus exchange and got to know the Icelandic library systems.

“I visited six different libraries in Reykjavik, and was pleased to find the similarities between our systems. The Finnish libraries were highly esteemed there – as they should be.”

The library is also a digital archive

Libraries are involved in many things: the online services are growing and the job description also includes social media. Along with digitalization, library work has undergone a significant change. However, it’s still important to serve customers personally and advise researchers and students in information retrieval. You learn a lot in the process yourself, say the professionals.

A novelty at Turku University of Applied Sciences is the Finna search service entity, which contains all electronic and printed material and theses at TUAS’ library. You can also renew loans and make reservations through Finna.

“In the autumn we will have more additions to the online services, for example field-specific guides on information acquisition”, says a pleased Lauri Bang. You can sense the joy at work.

Did you know?

TUAS also organizes education in the field of library and information services.

Those graduated from the Bachelor’s degree programme have good opportunities to continue their studies, as TUAS offers a path to a Master's degree as the sole provider of the education. The Master’s degree is still required in many posts.

In addition, the education provides the eligibility to apply for Master’s degree studies in information science, organized at Åbo Akademi University and at the universities of Tampere and Oulu.