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Page updated 5.9.2016

Turku International Summer School – Shared knowledge and laughter

In August students from three continents spent two weeks together during the Turku International Summer School course Introducing and Exploring Intercultural Relations in Everyday Life. The course was held at Turku University of Applied Sciences and organized in cooperation with the Education for Diversities Research Group (E4D) at the University of Helsinki. 

Professor of Multicultural Education Fred Dervin received praising feedback from students:
–I was able to learn from one of the best in the field when it comes to Intercultural Relations, says Alicia Bell, summer school participant from Centennial College, Toronto.

The course started on 9th August and ended on 19th August. Anu Härkönen, Head of International Affairs at TUAS, was also lecturer during the course.
–We discussed and revised concepts such as culture, identity, diversity, intercultural competence and intercultural communication. Myths about interculturality were also unpacked and dispelled. I really enjoyed the discussions and I think that summer schools are a wonderful opportunity for teachers to meet and get to know students in a more informal atmosphere than during the academic year.

International Summer Schools – Studying and having fun at the same time

In general Anu sees international summer schools benefiting both local and international students: –Not all students are interested in or have the possibility to study abroad for several months. International summer schools are a great option for these students, for example.

Alicia highlights the social programme and excellent group dynamic: –I was able to spend time with people around the world who shared their stories, knowledge, laughter and talents.

Laughter was especially needed when students played Mölkky during an unusually stormy day in the Kupittaa Park and also on the boat trip to Vepsä Island – in the pouring rain. But students enjoyed their time anyway and finally, even the sun came out. All in all this Summer School course was a great success.