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Page updated 11.11.2022

Five physiotherapy students from Turku UAS to take part in European project to develop a final dissertation with solutions to current health challenges

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, the project brings together a number of European Universities to co-develop a digital, international, and collaborative learning platform.

Healthcare students today find themselves studying their profession in globalised and constantly evolving societies. Climate change, digitalisation, the embracing of increasingly diverse populations and the increased pressures of working within the healthcare system are all factors that students must be aware of before transitioning into the workplace.

With this in mind, the European Health Care Final Dissertation (EHECADI) Project was launched this year to enable healthcare students from different disciplines to address broad societal health issues such as healthcare equity, epidemic preparedness, underinvestment in healthcare workers and health needs of migrant populations within their studies.

The resources of the learning platform will be used by students and lecturers to support the completion of their Final Graduate Dissertation (IFGD), a research-oriented project in which students can come closer to finding solutions to current health challenges.

Known as the Knowledge Hub, the platform will host the following:

  • A Virtual Community of Practice: this virtual forum will enable students and academia to interact with and learn from others who are studying the same discipline across Europe.
  • A digital open course: this modular course, available for students, will promote the acquisition of research, digital and transversal skills during their studies.
  • Guidelines to support students, teachers, and institutions to compete the IFGD.

Targeted at those who are studying nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition and dietetics, the resources of the Knowledge Hub will be developed in collaboration with students. For this reason, five physiotherapy students from Turku UAS will actively participate in the project.

Currently in their third year of studying one of the above health science disciplines, these students will work closely with professors, researchers, healthcare providers and other students from across Europe to co-design the Knowledge Hub and its resources.

As part of their participation in the project the students will travel to Finland in March 2023, to meet with students from other universities who are taking part in the project and to contribute to several platform and course development workshops.

The EHECADI project is led by the Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya with seven European partners who include: Turku University of Applied Sciences, European University Cyprus; South East Technological University; Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa; Fundació, TICSalut i Social; ODISEE; and European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities.