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Page updated 3.4.2023
Linnankatu campus 5

Pillar renovation of the Köysirata building about to start

The renovation of the old rope factory’s pillars and support base affects the traffic on Linnankatu and Varvintori until the end of the year.

The rope factory, built in 1943, is 270 metres long and stands on 86 pillars. It is a unique, historic and visible landmark on the shore of Aura River. The sinking of the building’s foundation and the weathering of the pillars, which have been detected in the constant monitoring of the building’s condition, now launch a large-scale renovation project. 

“The pillar work is an exceptional design challenge. In Finland, we are not aware of anyone with experience on the complete renovation of the foundations of such a building”, says Project Manager Joona Henrichs from Sweco PM Oy. Precautions for surprises have thus been taken in the planning and implementation, and we have played it safe in terms of the support structures required during the renovation”, Henrichs continues.

The renovation will begin with moving the cables below the rope factory and pile-driving of the new foundation base. 

“The building site will narrow Linnankatu until November. This has a big impact on traffic, in particular during rush hours. Two pedestrian crossings will be removed from the location of the construction site and a bus stop from the Varvintori side. Access from Linnankatu to Varvintori is also prevented throughout the renovation project. After mid-May, we will get a temporary pedestrian crossing by the main entrance to the Conservatory”, says work supervisor Ilmari Penttilä from Rakennusliike Kemppe Oy.

During the summer, the deck level and stairs of Varvintori will also be renovated. The different stages of the renovation will cause noise pollution to the nearby houses.

“The renovation of the pillars and the deck will have an impact on the access to the Arts Campus. We try to consider the changing access routes both with local guideposts and signs and in our event information”, says Dean Timo Tanskanen from Turku UAS’ Arts Academy. 
Despite the renovation, the public is welcome to the events in Sigyn Hall and Köysiteatteri and the events are considered in the work schedule.
“The students of Turku Conservatory are recommended to go round the building site and arrive at the premises from the entrance in Crichtoninkatu”, says Rector Juha Järvinen from Turku Conservatory.