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Page updated 12.9.2023

Turku UAS welcomes more than 2,200 new students

Turku UAS campuses are once again full of life as more than 12,000 students gather around the studies. The new fall semester has begun. On Thursday, the traditional Yellow Nook party organised by Turku UAS Student Union TUO celebrated the beginning of the new academic year and welcomed new students.

The students were also greeted by Mayor Minna Arve and Vice President Juhani Soini of Turku UAS.

This autumn, more than 2,200 new students will start their studies at Turku UAS. Together, new and continuing students form a community of over 12,000 students.

– It is a great pleasure to have you as a student. The well-being and success of Southwest Finland will largely depend on your expertise. I have had enough time to get to know our new students, so I know I can continue with confidence into a positive future, says Vesa Taatila, Rector of Turku UAS. 

The school year begins at the Student Union's party

The academic year started communally at the "Keltanokkabileet", Student Union's party, which brought together a large number of celebrants in the Jussinaukio square of Kupittaa campus. The Party is one of Turku UAS's longest-running student traditions and one of Turku's largest annual student events. 

People at the Turku UAS Kupittaa campus at the student unions party "Keltanokkabileet"

– "Keltanokkabileet" Party gives you the opportunity to get to know the students of your own starting year course from the very beginning. The most important thing about student culture is that it looks like its creators and is free self-expression. In general, students are the first to bring to mind student events and overalls. Community or student culture is exactly what we students want to do about it. Whether it is museums, live music, camping, film clubs or more traditional partying with overalls on, Elias Karjalainen, Chair of the Board of TUAS Student Union, sums up.  

Juhani Soini at Turku UAS Kupittaa campus at the student union's party "Kaltanokkabileet"

The students were represented by Juhani Soini, Vice Rector of Turku UAS, and Mayor Minna Arve. Soini wished new students a bright future and said that everyone could find a career after their studies. Arve wished everyone a wonderful time as a student in Turku, where one in five city residents is a student. 

Minna Arve at Turku UAS's Kupittaa campus at the Student Union's party "Keltanokkabileet"

More than 12,000 students

This autumn, more than 2,200 new students will start their studies at Turku UAS. 

  • In 68 different degree programmes
  • 39% in the field of technology, 27% in the field of health and social services, 24% in the field of business administration and 10% in the field of culture
  • 90% are studying as full-time and 10% as part-time studies
  • more than 600 begin their studies in higher education diploma and competence training, preparatory studies, path studies, Open University of Applied Sciences studies, specialisation and continuing education or a separate study right.
  • Approximately one fifth of Master's degree programme students
  • More than 120 new exchange students 

Together, new and continuing students form a community of more than 12,000 students