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Page updated 24.11.2023

Mentoring Buddy program: Supporting international talents towards higher education in Finland

Hey international talent in Finland! Are you considering studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree or parts of it in Finland? Would you like to know more about what it is actually like? Do you want personal support and guidance towards your studies and dream career? Join the new mentoring program & meet your Mentoring Buddy!

The second Mentoring Buddy program for people with international background starts in March continuing until end of May. The current university students and alumni act as mentors and share their experiences about studies, internship and student life and encourage to pursue their mentees’ (international people) dreams. The mentees will get also professional support and guidance on e.g., study options, eligibility criteria and applying.

The length of the first program is 14.3.–22.5.2024.

You will meet your student mentor 5 times during the program. In addition, there will be joint meetings to support the process, brainstorming, and planning your next steps. The joint meetings are organized hybrid or online:

  • 14.3. at 16:00 / Mentor training (only for mentors)
  • 21.3. at 16:00 / Orientation meeting and meeting your Mentoring Buddy
  • 18.4. at 16:00 / Mid meeting
  • 22.5. at 16:00 / Closing meeting

The program is in English and Finnish. We consider the language when matching the pairs. Also, we aim to form the mentee-mentor pairs based on their interests. Fill the application form carefully!

Apply as a mentee 15.1.–12.2.2023.

We offer support through the entire mentoring process. Ask more information: Janna Peltola, janna.peltola@turkuamk.fi

For who?

The mentoring program is for people with international background who work in atypical job (e.g. fixed-term or part-time jobs, involuntary entrepreneurship), live in Southwest Finland and don’t yet have a higher education degree in Finland. This is the right program for you if you are e.g. thinking chancing career or seeking new opportunities through studies. The mentoring program is not designed for job seeking purposes.