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Page updated 18.6.2024

Turku UAS solar photovoltaic module testing laboratory is the first in Finland to receive FINAS accreditation

Turku University of Applied Sciences' solar module testing laboratory has received FINAS accreditation, which guarantees the validity and reliability of the laboratory's measurement results.

The solar module laboratory of the New Energy Research Group of Turku UAS is now the only accredited solar module test laboratory in Finland. Accreditation is a procedure based on international criteria that allows the competence of an operator to be reliably verified. Finas, which operates at the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), accredits laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, reference measurement organisers and environmental and emissions trading verifiers in Finland. 

"We offer reliable third-party testing services in Finland. Otherwise, the testing of solar modules is carried out outside Finland or the manufacturer of the products makes them themselves, says Samuli Ranta, Research Group Leader of the New Energy Research Group at Turku University of Applied Sciences. 

Guaranteed quality and better risk management for customers

The solar module laboratory of Turku UAS measures the power produced by solar modules. Customers include, for example, solar system installation companies, wholesalers and owners of large property groups. A new customer group is solar park developers.
"With our testing service, corporate customers can ensure the quality of their solar modules. They can use the results of testing, for example, in negotiations or problem situations where the conformity of products is examined. This helps companies manage financial risks, Ranta describes.

Accredited testing also means better quality and reliability for consumers. 

"The measurement carried out by an accredited laboratory ensures that the modules meet the required standards, which is especially important in markets where products are manufactured on the other side of the world and the quality of the products can vary," says Ranta. 


In addition to accredited testing, the New Energy Laboratory offers other solar module and energy system testing. 

New Energy Laboratory

We offer solar module and energy system testing.