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Page updated 27.7.2015

Additional application period 13–18 August 2015

The purpose of the additional application period is to offer a study place at TUAS for as many applicants as possible. The additional application period also serves applicants who didn’t get a study place in the joint application, and it includes degree programmes which still have available starting places after the joint application this spring.

Applying within the additional application period takes place similarly to the joint application, i.e. an application form is filled in the Studyinfo service. The additional application period includes an entrance exam and some of the degree programmes also have preliminary assignments. The studies start in August–September.

According to current knowledge, you can apply to the following degree programmes at TUAS within the additional application period:

More specific instructions and schedules are available on the pages of the degree programmes included in the additional application. The information may be specified in July–August.

Note: Contrary to earlier information Information Technology degree programme will not be in additional application in the August 2015. The next application period for Information Technology will be in January 2016

Results of the spring 2015 joint application

The results of the spring 2015 joint application will be published at the latest on 3 July 2015. Applicants shall accept the study place at the latest by 17 July at 15:00. Accepting applicants from reserve places will end at the latest on 12 August at 15:00.