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Page updated 21.8.2015

The visual image of the website has been renewed

The visual image of TUAS’ website was renewed on the date of the opening of the academic year, 20 August. The renewal of the visual image is a part of TUAS’ strategy renewal.

The biggest changes took place on the front page, on the Study at TUAS page and on the projects’ and research groups’ pages. TUAS’ logo in the upper left-hand corner has also become more up-to-date.

What will change?

Highlighting TUAS’ staff and students with video interviews on the front page is a part of the renewal. Alongside the videos, the front page will feature colourful boxes containing tips on e.g. current issues related to the joint application or other significant news topics at TUAS.

In addition, we will renew the number of articles published on the front page and link lists. The header font of the website will also change. The new font is PT Sans.

The front page layout with photos and colourful boxes will also be featured on the other main pages in the menu. The contents and usability with all devices will remain the same.

For a while, some small formatting or layout errors may occur on the site, and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Further information:

Johanna Haltta