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Page updated 17.9.2015
KV-viikko Ruiskadulla 2015

Ruiskatu campus will be crowded with international guests next week

The sixth international week of part-time and Master's degree programmes will be implemented as a conference on 21–25 September 2015 on the Ruiskatu campus. 24 guests from Europe, China and the United States will arrive to share experiences on education and projects. The week offers an excellent chance for networking.

To start off the week, students will be provided with information on opportunities related to internationality in the studies, internationalisation at home, international exchange and practical training. They will also hear about experiences on student exchange and international projects.

Several expert lectures in the field of social and health care will be given during the week. The keynote speakers are Barbara McLean from the United States and Paul Beenen from the Netherlands.

On Thursday, a networking event will be organised on a cruise to Åland. The international guests and the teachers in part-time and Master’s degree programmes will participate in the cruise. The beautiful Turku archipelago will inspire further work and new ideas.

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KV-viikko Ruiskadulla 2015, ohjelma